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Old Monk 7 years old Rum 1 l

Old Monk 12 Jahre Gold Reserve Rum 0,7 l

Old Monk 12 years Gold Reserve Rum 0,7 l

Ron Santiago de Cuba Carta Blanca Rum 1 l

Ron Santiago de Cuba Carta Blanca Rum 1 l

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Manufacturer OLD MONK
Country INDIA
Alcoholic strength 42,8% vol.

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The inviting Old Monk Rum is matured in former sherry oak barrels for seven years for a charmingly soft and Christmas flavor combination of decadent chocolate, sweet vanilla, creamy caramel, nutty almonds and exotic cinnamon

Strong chocolate elegantly blended with striking sweet vanilla and caramel charm their way to the nose. Notes of sweet cocoa, almonds, juicy oranges and cinnamon cake find their way on the palate, just the perfect combination for winter. The blended Old Monk Rum 7 year old with its pleasant soft side is not bitter and is a perfect Rum for beginners.

Rum from the Caribbean, Panama, Cuba and Venezuela are known worldwide. These tropical countries grow high-yield sugar cane on mass for sugar production and use the resulting molasses for quality Rum production. Molasses is the thick, dark and sticky by-product of sugar production. The fact that the sugar cane has its origins in South Asia is unknown by many. Several centuries ago there was already Rum type spirits in the area. Christopher Columbus introduced the sugarcane to the warm sunshine States in Central and South America.

In its homeland of India the distinctive Old Monk Rum 7 year old is the most popular and one of the oldest and best-selling Rums. The Old Monk Rum 7 year old is also one of the best-selling Rums in the world and has even found its way to Germany where the delicious spirit is found and requested more frequently. India boasts lush green fields full of high yield sugar cane.

The award-winning Old Monk Rum 7 year old is produced by Mohan Meakin Limited Distillery which is located in Ghaziabad in the state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India. Mohan Meakin Limited dates all the way back to 1855 when Edward Dyer established a brewery and continued to flourish until today where the products are world-famous. The basis for the preparation of the Old Monk Rum 7 year old, as in the most Rum, is molasses based.

A storage period of 7 years in oak barrels, where sherry was matured previously contributes to the deep dark brown color and the exquisite velvety and smooth taste of the Old Monk 7 year old Rum. The Old Monk Rum is an absolute eco product meaning that no chemicals at all are added to the Rum. The result is a charming and soft Rum and according to expert tastes strikingly different than products from the Caribbean.

For the tasting the classic Old Monk Rum 7 year old lends itself to pure consumption or to try "on the rocks". Beginners are particularly satisfied with this mild and mature Rum because it is an ideal and excellent foundation for mixing favorite long drinks. It is said that in India the Old Monk Rum 7 year old has medicinal qualities as it is also used to relieve the symptoms of colds and coughs by mixing it with warm water.

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EAN 89000731
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Country INDIA
Volume 1 Litre
Colouring Yes
Manufacturer/Importer TNI GmbH Randstraße 1 22525 Hamburg Deutschland Mohan Meakin Limited 17, Mohan Nagar, Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201007 Indien
Condition New