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Ron Santiago de Cuba Carta Blanca Rum 1 l

Old Monk 7 Jahre Rum 1 l

Old Monk 7 years old Rum 1 l

Ron Santiago de Cuba Añejo Rum 1 l

Ron Santiago de Cuba Añejo Rum 1 l

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Country CUBA
Alcoholic strength 38% vol.

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The clear, transparent white Rum Santiago de Cuba Carta Blanca presents a beautifully light and smooth tropical feel with sweet molasses, ripe banana, soft vanilla, fresh mint and tangy citrus

In the nose of the authentic Santiago de Cuba Rum Carta Blanca a fresh touch of fresh mint, young and mellow fruit and flowers spreads a pleasantly happy smell. Brown sugar, fruity freshness and a hint of tropical banana also comes to light. On the palate, the superb Santiago de Cuba Rum Carta Blanca presents a clean mouth feel with a slightly round, oily, sweet, fresh and pleasantly clean strong character and decadent full-bodied taste. Sugar sweet candy, soft creamy caramel and tangy peppermint clearly come to light here. The last impressions of buttery textured sweet vanilla and fresh citrus complete the taste experience of the Santiago de Cuba Rum Carta Blanca to above excellent.

The sought after Santiago de Cuba Rum Carta Blanca originates from Santiago in Cuba which is known as the birthplace of many well-known unique and flavorful Rums. Again and again new jewels of the spirits industry are born in this area and inspire both real Rum connoisseurs and newcomers in the field. Cuba’s climate is ideal for the growing of high sugar yield sugar-cane due to the special soil and climate conditions, and the unique climate also makes the ideal condition for fermentation. Santiago de Cuba Rum Carta Blanca is produced by the Cuban company Corporation Cuba Ron. Santiago de Cuba Rum was founded in 1862 and can boast a successful and over 150 years of distillery experience. The basic ingredient for the extraordinary Santiago de Cuba Rum Carta Blanca consists of sweet treacle. Molasses is a by-product of sugar production and has been used for Rum production for centuries. The discoverer Christopher Columbus introduced the process of converting sugar by-products into an alcoholic liquid to the locals inhabiting the Caribbean Islands. The brown syrup is brought to fermentation with the help of purified water and yeast in order to subsequently undergo distillation in the traditional combustion apparatus. Adding yeast ensures consistent and predictable fermentation time.

After fermentation and the burning process this Rum, unlike dark Rum, is bottled to capture the exquisite taste. The fact that it is not aged in oak barrels makes its appearance transparent and clear. The fresh Santiago de Cuba Rum Carta Blanca shimmers with a slight touch of green. Like most white Rum the excellent Santiago de Cuba Rum Carta Blanca has an alcohol content of 38% vol. and is a solid Rum. The versatile Santiago de Cuba Rum Carta Blanca is especially ideal for mixing long drinks and favorite cocktails, as its pure taste is too intense. The perfect cocktail here lends itself to an ice-cold Mojito.

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Item Number 30031
EAN 3257150410068
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Country CUBA
Volume 1 Litre
Colouring Yes
Manufacturer/Importer MW Spirits GmbH Poststr. 4 08248 Klingenthal Deutschland Corporación Cuba Ron S.A. Calle 200 No 1708 e/ 17 y 19 Rpto Atabey, Playa Havana Kuba
Condition New