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Meukow VS Black Cognac 40% 1,0 l

Hine XO Antique Premier Cru Grande Cognac 40% 0,7 l

Hine XO antique Premier Cru Grande Cognac 40% 0.7 l

Grönstedts Cognac Monopol VSOP 0,7 Liter 40%

Grönstedts Cognac Monopol VSOP 0.7 Litre 40%

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Manufacturer MEUKOW
Country FRANCE
Alcoholic strength 40% vol.

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Meukow VS black panther Cognac from France creates the perfect balance between the Eau de Vie and oak, and boasts with its Rancio flavour and its amber-like color
Meukow VS Black Panther Cognac is defined as another type of winner from the House Meukow. The high standard and the incomparable taste of Meukow Cognac has attracted worldwide reputation and is appreciated by connoisseurs and lovers. In particular the typical "Rancio taste" satisfies the senses and prepares more lust for this extremely noble liquid.

After the grape harvest and fermentation the double distillation made in the traditional pot still method achieves the high level of the Meukow VS black Cognac. The cellar master Anne Sarteaux has been with Meukow since 2007 and preserves the traditional expertise that had been transferred from generation to generation. The Meukow offers fruity notes with some vanilla. The complex finish is fruity and silky. 

In order to always meet the high level of this Cognac, the distillery uses only the heart of the distillate. In the wake follows a long maturation in small oak barrels for a minimum of 2 years. This ensures that the spirit records more intense flavors and individual color that guarantees the attractiveness of the rich amber Cognac. Of course this process also instills that the Meukow VS black panther gets its soothing, woody overtones.

But what is the connection of a Cognac with a Russian-sounding brand name?

In 1862 the two brothers Auguste-Christophe and Gustave Meukow from Silesia were sent by the Russian Tsar Alexander II to France to procure good Cognac for special occasions. The two brothers were unable to procure enough goods. They asked the Tsar himself to buy a vineyard in France and to build up their own Cognac distillery. The brothers never returned to Russia and set up a distillery.  For a long time the Meukow brothers had the Tsar as their only customer. Today the company has expanded its customer base significantly, selling the products in over 80 countries. The Meukow VS is the ideal sipping Cognac but is also very good for mixing.

In 1969 the still joined the family group "Compagnie de Guyenne". 

Since 1995 the Black Panther adorns the unique bottles and has become the unmistakable trademark of Meukow Cognac and has also made the VS one of the most beautiful bottles on the market. The desirable bottle will make a super gift as well as the perfect addition to a Cognac collection and also won the “Pack d’Or” prize twice from the National Institute of Design and Packaging.

The Meukow VS black panther Cognac won the double gold medal at the San Francisco World spirits competition, one of the largest spirits competitions of its kind. Quality pays off quite simply.

Awards for the Meukow VS black panther Cognac:

2015: Double gold medal at the San Francisco World spirits competition
2006: Bronze medal at the San Francisco World spirits competition

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Product type Cognac
Item Number 33019
EAN 3257150100181
Dispatch time: 1-2 Working Days
Country FRANCE
Volume 1 Litre
Colouring Yes
Manufacturer/Importer A.C. Meukow & Co 16100 Cognac France
Condition New