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Grönstedts Cognac Monopol VSOP 0.7 Litre 40%

Meukow VS Black Cognac 40% 1,0 l

Meukow VS Black Cognac 40% 1,0 l

Grönstedts Cognac VS 0,7 Liter 40%

Grönstedts Cognac VS 0.7 Litre 40%

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Manufacturer GRONSTEDTS
Country FRANCE
Alcoholic strength 40% vol.

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Price per Litre: €35.70/Litre
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Grönstedts Cognac VSOP Monopol convinces its sweet facets of ripe fruit, vanilla and caramel
Founded in 1846 by John Daniel Grönstedt, this Swedish Cognac manufacturer currently belongs to the best of its kind. Worldwide, connoisseurs and lovers of Grönstedt Cognac know that the Finnish manufacturer Altia Corporation buys only the highest quality grape varieties in France and on top of that creates taste compositions seldom found in the Cognac market. The Cognac is blended and bottled in France.

Cognac must have an at least 40 per cent alcohol content and is distilled at least 2-fold in a traditional copper pot. The storage in oak barrels has to exceed a period of 2 years. For the "real" Cognac specific production methods have to be fulfilled. In particular, certain varieties of grapes are pressed and fermented to yield a very dry and bland white wine. The grapes are harvested in the winter where they are particularly fruity and have the potential to generate 8 to 9% alcohol. The laborious distillation and their maturation process is what Cognac is all about. The Cognac which is drunk today is still made by the identical methods of the 17th century.

The special and delicious Grönstedts Cognac VSOP Monopol enjoys on average an eight-year maturing in oak barrels. These eight years can be seen and tasted and provide the Grönstedts Cognac VSOP Monopol its unique character. The small batch very special old pale Cognac is part of Grönstedts basic range.

Presented in a clear bottle, this Cognac exudes an amber-like tone through the bottle glass and prepares for a serious tasting. Friends and relatives will be excited when they discover a bottle of Grönstedts at your home bar. The bottle is decorated with a blue label with the inscription Grönstedts Cognac Monopol VSOP. Overall a very classy appearance. 

But how is its taste defined? It shows in the enjoyment of the lighter grape variety and unique facets of raisins and creamy caramel. Also, a hint of ripe fruit like apricot resonates with elegant vanilla beans. Grönstedts Cognac VSOP Monopol can be therefore described as a slightly sweeter Cognac which unfolds its full intensity in particular at room temperature or the heat of the hand on the glass. 

We recommend the tasting of this Cognac with black coffee and cake, or in accompaniment with the enjoyment of a cigar. The rather bitter tastes prepare one for those of Grönstedts, such as for example dark chocolate tends to be. 

Conclusion of the Grönstedts Cognac VSOP Monopol: 

In conclusion it can be said that this Grönstedts Cognac VSOP Monopol convince connoisseurs completely with its sweet facets of caramel, fruit and vanilla pods. The dark amber tone of this Cognac shines through the clear bottle and leaves the mouth watering for more. 

Grönstedts Cognac VSOP Monopol , a Cognac you will love!

More Information
Product type Cognac
Item Number 33020
EAN 6412703010486
Dispatch time: 1-2 Working Days
Country FRANCE
Volume 0.7 Litre
Colouring No

Altia Sweden AB 10251 Stockholm Schweden

Condition New