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Grönstedts Cognac VS 0.7 Litre 40%

Grönstedts Cognac Monopol VSOP 0,7 Liter 40%

Grönstedts Cognac Monopol VSOP 0.7 Litre 40%

Camus XO Elegance Cognac 1 Liter 40%

Camus XO Elegance Cognac 1 Litre 40%

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Manufacturer GRONSTEDTS
Country FRANCE
Alcoholic strength 40% vol.

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Price per Litre: €32.13/Litre
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Grönstedts Cognac VS from France scores with sweet, fruity and wood flavors
This Grönstedts Cognac VS comes from the Grönstedts Cognac house, which was founded with its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden formerly by John Daniel Green Manor and dates all the way back to 1846.

Today the distillery belongs to group Pernod Ricard, which gained its international reputation. 

Cognac is a special superior brandy originating from the city of Cognac in France from the adjoining vineyards in the region Charante or Charante-Maritime. The name Cognac has been protected since 1920, so the name "Cognac" cannot be a synonym for brandy. In the seventeenth century the town of Cognac in the French region of Charante was an exporter of salt and wine. The wine was especially popular with the Dutch and English merchants who had visited the region. They distilled the wine so that the long voyage home had no effect on the durability and quality of the fire.

The raw materials of this very special Cognacs are blended in France in order to adopt the protected name “Cognac”. This delicious Grönstedts Cognac VS was created especially for the wedding of Swedish Crown Princess Victoria and her husband.

When you open a bottle of Grönstedts Cognac VS a more varied scent escapes including juicy oranges and menthol. A luxurious vanilla sound is also noted which is velvety and covered by oak. Overall the Grönstedts Cognac VS offers a wonderfully warm and positive smell that will delight the nose. 

Once in the mouth, this Frenchman develops its full power. A superb taste composition, defined by orange, menthol, vanilla beans and a soft breeze of citrus, lies down on the tongue and refreshes the senses of taste. 

Grönstedts Cognac VS offers sweet, fruity and wooden tones evident on an endless finish at the same time without being too intrusive or dominant. 

Of course, we recommend the pure pleasure of this Grönstedts Cognac VS, in order to perceive the valuable and beneficial characteristics with all your senses. 

Connoisseurs and lovers appreciate this refined Grönstedts Cognac VS for its diversity and the composition of juicy, fruity tones rounded off by refreshing mint. 

Conclusion of the Grönstedts Cognac VS: 

All of the requirements that die-hard Cognac fans expect at a tasting are met with the Grönstedts Cognac VS. Starting with refreshing and fruit it meets the mouth before it softly as silk slips down with the sounds of mint and menthol.

As a digestive after hearty meals or just as a comfortable companion before the fireplace, this Cognac guarantees the right choice! Makes a lovely mixer too. Accompanies a hot coffee perfectly. This Grönstedts Cognac VS should never be missing in any private bar and is also very popular as a gift for friends and relatives.
Grönstedts Cognac VS brings beautiful France directly to your home!

More Information
Product type Cognac
Item Number 33021
EAN 6412703010479
Dispatch time: 1-2 Working Days
Country FRANCE
Volume 0.7 Litre
Colouring No
Manufacturer/Importer Altia Sweden AB 10251 Stockholm Schweden
Condition New