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Captain Morgan Dark Rum 40% 1,0l

Ron Abuelo 7 Anos Reserva Superior Rum 0,7 l

Ron Abuelo 7 Anos Reserva Superior Rum 0,7 l

Captain Morgan Spiced Gold 0,7 l

Captain Morgan Spiced Gold 0,7 l

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Alcoholic strength 40% vol.

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A traditional Jamaican Rum enjoyed both by the adventurous young and the experienced old. The Captain Morgan Black Label Rum captivates the palate with sweet raisins, creamy caramel, sticky toffee and fruity molasses, molasses being the thick, dark and stick by-product of sugar production. The Captain Morgan label slogan of “To Life, Love and Loot” is most appropriate

The unique and deep Captain Morgan Black Label Dark Rum is multifaceted. Initially scents of elegant vanilla, sweet raisins, sticky toffee and creamy caramel pleasantly dominate the nose. The dark and bold Jamaican Rum presents a soft and charming sweet-fruity side and noticeable molasses on the palate. Cherries, liquorice, caramel, vanilla, and spicy cloves also clearly come to light. The caramel used for coloring emphasizes the rich and sweet character of the Captain Morgan Black Label Rum and thus makes it a pure and smooth drinking pleasure. Compared to Captain Morgan Black Label Rum Overproof the alcoholic content of the Rum is 40% vol., which makes the spirit an especially enjoyable full-bodied Rum for newcomers.

Major export products from Jamaica include premium cigars and high quality sugar. Kilometer wide sugar cane plantations spread over the entire tropical island. On one hand the sugar cane is used for high yield sugar production and on the other hand it is used for the production of excellent Caribbean Rum. The international British spirits company Diageo is responsible for the production of the world-famous Rum brand Captain Morgan.

Captain Henry Morgan, a famous Welsh Buccaneer from 1680 who later became the Govener of Jamaica serves as a namesake for the popular Rum brand that can continue to live in his spirit. In his time he took up residence in Jamaica and on retirement began to burn his traditional sugar plantation Rum. The amber-colored Captain Morgan Black Label Rum is composed of Rums of different ages and is distilled in partly pot still and partly in continuous-still process.

After up to seven years of long storage in well-seasoned quality white oak barrels the different Rums are carefully blended together by a master blender. Much of the Rum comes from Jamaica, but some are also produced in other exotic Caribbean islands of Guyana and Barbados. Thus the Captain Morgan Black Label Rum falls into the category of blended Rums which is still made according to the original 17th century recipe.

For optimum tasting the distinctive molasses-based Captain Morgan Black Label Rum is ideally consumed pure or "on the rocks". The mild Captain Morgan Black Label is also frequently used for mixing favorite long drinks. When mixed with coke it has a distinctive foam head. Rum experts and beginners both take great enjoyment in this fabulous beverage. Worldwide the unmistakable Captain Morgan Black Label is the second most sold Rum.

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