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Captain Morgan Spiced Gold 0,7 l

Captain Morgan Black Label Jamaica Rum 1 l

Captain Morgan Dark Rum 40% 1,0l

Captain Morgan Spiced Gold 1 l

Captain Morgan Spiced Gold 1 l

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Alcoholic strength 35% vol.

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The smooth-bodied Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold offers Jamaican quality and excellent taste with sweet vanilla, creamy caramel and subtle exotic indigenous spices and is inspired by the abundant and beautiful nature of the exotic Caribbean Islands

The triple-distilled Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold Rum with the typical proud pirate on the bottle label knows how to impress with superb quality. Irresistibly intense sweet vanilla and creamy caramel notes harmoniously spread out in the nose and on the palate simultaneously. Mild exotic spices that are of peppery nature as well as numerous other natural flavors accompany the delectable aroma. Lasting soft flavors linger on the delicious finish for some time leaving a pleasant feeling of quality and taste.

The story of the legendary Captain Morgan Rum brand dates back to 1680 when a Welsh Buccaneer named Sir Henry Morgan laid anchor in Jamaica. Once he retired he started on his sugar plantation Rum production using a certain secret recipe that still today contributes to the distinctive quality of the premium Captain Morgan Rum. As the Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold drops below the limit of 37.5% vol. alcohol content, it is included in the category "spirits on the basis of Rum".

For the production of the delicious Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold a column combustion method is applied. Sugar cane molasses is used as a basis for production and controls the significantly sweet note of the drink. Molasses is the decedent thick sticky by-product from the production of sugar. Once the fermentation and a unique distillation process has been completed, it is stored for up to 12 months in charred American white oak barrels which gives the Rum its rich color and flavour. At this stage the amber "Rum" unfolds the distinctive spicy notes and exotic flavors which are responsible for the excellent taste experience later.

The easily recognizable Captain Morgan logo depicts Henry Morgan as a successful “privateer” which is a legal pirate who in the 17th century was allowed to attack and loot the enemies of the state. The easy to grip and easy to pour bottle has the usual flagon style and is a must have on any bartenders shelf.

The expertly-blended Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold is ideal for the mixing of an assortment of mixed drinks and popular Rum cocktails such as Cuba Libre, Daiquiri or Long Iceland Iced Tea. In cooled Cola it is advisable to mix in a little lime juice. Not only the older generations appreciate this smooth and medium-bodied Rum but even the younger generation who encounters Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold is pleased and becomes addicted to the special and unique flavour. Do not miss the opportunity to taste the Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold pure or "on the rocks".

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Volume 0.7 Litre
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Manufacturer/Importer Diageo Deutschland GmbH Reeperbahn 1 20359 Hamburg Deutschland Captain Morgan Rum Co. Lakeside Drive Park Royal London NW10 7HQ United Kingdom
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