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Ungava Canadian Premium Gin 43.1% 0.7 l

Buss N°509 White Rain Gin 0,7 l

Buss N°509 White Rain Gin 0,7 l

Cadenhead's Old Raj Dry Gin 55% 0,7 l

Cadenhead's old Raj Dry Gin 55% 0.7 l

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Country CANADA
Alcoholic strength 43,1% vol.

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Ungava Canadian premium Gin boasts six different botanicals, which not only harmonize, but also do justice to its country of origin
Exactly six botanicals give a taste of harmony and create memories of the nearly endless large spaces in Canada. The botanicals reflect the Artic region of this pure natural state and meet more than their home country. Ungava is an extraordinary place of unbelievable beauty that is home to the aurora borealis light show and spectacular landscapes. The Northern Frontier is covered in snow and ice for mostly nine months of the year and is home to masses of wildlife, clear lakes and enormous ice floes.

The botanicals convey a feeling of exceptionally high complexity for Gin lovers and connoisseurs. The hand-picked botanicals that make up the Ungava Canadian premium Gin is as follows: Wild rose, also known as rose hips, Arctic blend and Labrador tea plants, crowberries, cloudberries, Nordic Juniper berries and Air Labrador North which is the secret ingredient of this first-class Ungava Gin from Canada. These aspects are perceived on the nose as soon as you open the bottle. The rare botanicals are picked in the three short months after the long winter.

In the mouth the mellow Ungava from Canada unfolds its full diversity so that floral aromas and a light and pleasant spice resonates. The harmony of the botanicals are full-bodied and glides down the throat soft as silk. A finish with the length that not every Gin can boast about. 

The brilliant lemon yellow Canadian premium Gin catches your attention and is produced by the company Domaine Pinnacle in Quebec. The company has grown and has steadily been expanding their export, now reaching 17 countries since 2013. The Ungava fortunately finally found its way into some European countrie, as well as in Hong Kong. In addition it was decided to enter themselves into a partnership with the Camus, the export business professional to develop and to be internationally competitive.

The elegant and sleek bottle is very unique and makes a prized collector’s item, inscribed in Inuit language and the pristine glass highlights the stunning yellow color of the Gin. The versatile Ungava Canadian Premium Gin is ideally consumed on the rocks or in a refreshing cocktail.

The increase in the level of awareness and of course the quality of the well-balanced Ungava Canadian premium led to the superb Gin winning some competitions. Thus the Ungava received since its market introduction in the years 2010 numerous gold and silver medals, including a gold medal at the "world spirits Awards" as well as a silver medal at the "San Francisco World spirits competition"; the best prestigious competitions worldwide. 

Awards for the Ungava Canadian Premium Gin:

-          Gold Medal: World spirits Awards 2016
-          Gold Medal: World spirits Awards 2015
-          Silver Medal: San Francisco world spirits competition 2016
-          Silver Medal: International spirits challenge 2015
-          Silver Medal: World Gin Awards 2015

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Product type Gin
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Country CANADA
Volume 0.7 Litre
Colouring Yes

Domaine Pinnacle inc. 150, Richford Road Frelighsburg, Quebec Canada J0J 1C0

Condition New