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Buss N°509 White Rain Gin 0,7 l

Buss No. 509 Persian Peach Gin 40% 0,7 l

Buss N°509 Persian Peach Gin 0.7 l

Ungava Canadian Premium Gin 43,1% 0,7 l

Ungava Canadian Premium Gin 43.1% 0.7 l

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Manufacturer BUSS SPIRITS
Alcoholic strength 50% vol.

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BUSS No. 509 white rain Gin with senses of oregano, coriander, vanilla and many other oriental Botanicals
Why would a liquor manufacturer name its Gin as white rain? Rain is considered to be rather negative and often goes hand in hand with a bad temper. We generally prefer the sun's rays and to remain dry when active.

However, rain has a particularly positive feature. Rain ensures that plants can thrive. Plants that are vital to create this first-class Buss No.5 white rain Gin.

On opening a bottle of the great-tasting Buss No. 509 white rain Gin a superb classic Juniper Gin smell intermingles perfectly with aromas full of Marjoram, combined and refined by fresh citrus, warm vanilla beans, coriander, Iris and Angelica roots. 

In the mouth Botanicals like cardamom, anise, ginger, clove and Verbena herb resonate. The spicy aromatic flavor is fully completed by liquorice. 

The long finish of the refreshing Buss No. 509 white rain Gin is harmonious, almost smooth, and character-rich and provides a lasting impression due to its distillation. Definitely a finish which no other Gin has to offer. 

The outside of the bottle of the exquisite Buss No. 509 white rain Gin actually reminds one of rain. The nearly colorless, smooth and pure Gin shines like a crystal in its bulbous bottle which is in the typical design of the Buss distillery from Belgium.

The extraordinary Buss No. 509 white rain Gin is one in a kind as it is the only colorless Gin in its family and is inspired by passion and knowledge. The No. 509 Elderflower and the No. 509 Persian peach are full with violet and pink colors and make an outwardly more eye catching impression, however the Buss No. 509 white rain Gin completely impresses with its taste and unique aroma. 

The Buss distillery from Belgian was founded by a very passionate Serge Buss in 2013. Buss opened his first restaurant at the age of 20 in Antwerp and a natural progression for this entrepreneur was to also craft his own premium beverages, and so the award-winning Buss No. 509 range was born and the first Belgiun Gin & Tonic bar was opened.  The sought-after Buss No. 509 spirits are all 100% grain based, hand-crafted and contain no additives.

A true spiced Gin for the pure pleasure or "on the rocks".  This inspiring Gin makes a great aperitif and perfect digestive. The Buss No. 509 white rain Gin has an unusually high alcohol content so it also mixes nicely without losing its individual personality. Those who prefer something sweeter, the Buss No. 509 white rain Gin is also very tasty with a premium tonic water such as for example, a fever tree. The Gin unfolds its full power and provides the perfect pleasure guaranteed!
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Product type Gin
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Volume 0.7 Litre
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BUSS Spirits Waalse Kaai 44 2000 Antwerp Belgium Belgien

Condition New