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Paul John edited Whisky from India 46% 0.7 l

Mackmyra The First Edition Swedish Single Malt 0,7 l

Mackmyra The First Edition Swedish Single Malt 0,7 l

Paul John Brilliance Indischer Single Malt 46% 0,7 l

Paul John Brilliance Indian single malt 46% 0.7 l

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Manufacturer PAUL JOHN
Country INDIA
Alcoholic strength 46% vol.

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Paul John edited Whisky from India combines chocolate nuances with mint and smoke. A combination that is more than delightful
A country with over 1.2 billion people and a wide variety of cultural layers could hardly be more different. A country with extreme heat and yet different vegetation zones. A country which will probably provide the greatest demand for Whisky in the future. 

We are talking about a huge country which currently produces some excellent single malts, such as for example the Paul John edited single malt Whisky from India. 

The extraordinary Paul John edited Whisky provides a real treat for the nose.  Aromatic aromas defined by a light smoke, refined by the mild properties of oak and refined with mint and barley. 

In the taste the Paul John edited Whisky develops its full strength. This single malt Whisky is intense and full bodied, but leaves room for the keys of the light touch of mocha and the aroma of barley and again chocolate reminiscent of mint. 

In the long finish you would assume to expect the exact same flavors that emerged earlier on in the nose and in the mouth. But far from it! 

Here the excellent Paul John edited Whisky presents a hint of vanilla, tannins and slightly oily spicy facets. These degrees create a real brand recognition and will bring experts to wonder. We recommend that you consume this world-class Whisky pure and at room temperature or with just a few drops of water.

The highly-recommended Paul John edited Whisky comes from India, more precisely from the small district of Goa, where the spirit enjoys its maturity in ex-Bourbon barrels. The master distiller Michael John from the John Distillery uses Indian 6-row barley which gives a lower alcohol yield and peated Scottish barley which gives a more complex flavor to this masterpiece. The John Distillery was launched in 1992 and now produce about 12 brands and are the 6th largest Whisky producer in the world.

The most famous Whiskey Critic Jim Murray awarded the Paul John edited Whisky a whopping score of 96.5 points in the year 2014. The young Whisky has won many other awards such as a gold medal in 2015 at the Wizards of Whisky Awards and a silver medal in the 2014 Wizards of Whisky Awards.

India seems to have understood the craft of Whisky production and we are now looking forward to many more products from this highly interesting country.

Conclusion of Paul John edited Whisky:

Paul John edited Whisky from India proves quality due to a helical twist of the nosing. Used ex-Bourbon barrels impart a lovely sweetness, refined by mint and a hint of smoke. Paul John Edited, a single malt Whisky with various facets; as its country of origin itself.
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Product type Whisky
Item Number 17007
EAN 8904014800675
Dispatch time: 1-2 Working Days
Country INDIA
Volume 0.7 Litre
Colouring No
Manufacturer/Importer John Distilleries Pvt. Ltd. 110, Pantharapalya, Mysore Road Bangalore – 560 039 India
Condition New