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Mackmyra The First Edition Swedish Single Malt 0,7 l

Mackmyra Svensk Rök Swedish Single Malt 0,5 l

Mackmyra Svensk Rök Swedish Single Malt 0,5 l

Paul John Edited Indischer Single Malt 46% 0,7 l

Paul John edited Whisky from India 46% 0.7 l

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Manufacturer MACKMYRA
Country SWEDEN
Alcoholic strength 46,1% vol.

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Mackmyra the first edition Swedish single malt impresses with its fruity aroma, combined with a light touch of oak and full-bodied caramel
If one thinks about special whiskies, the countries of Scotland, Ireland and Japan come directly to mind. Sweden is currently becoming more established in the whisky market too and is a well-kept secret amongst known whiskey lovers and connoisseurs.

One of these Swedish products is called Mackmyra the first edition Swedish single malt.

Just by looking at the bottle you can immediately see that this exclusive product does not originate from any ordinary whisky producing country. The bright yellow of Mackmyra the first edition with a slight hint of amber glow powerfully in the bottle marked with red label. 

Aromatic and strong fruity note presents itself in this single malt whisky, defined by citrus fruit, pears and apples. The unique Mackmyra is enriched with honey and a slightly sympathetic oak touch giving the malt its Swedish character. While enjoying this spirit, thoughts of freshly baked crusty bread come to mind, and Sweden is well-known for their delicious crisp bread. 

In the finish of Mackmyra the first edition Swedish single malt is comfortably warm and perfectly balanced. Facets of dark chocolate which ideally blend with some buttery caramel also shows its presence. In 2011 the Mackmyra whisky won the gold medal at the International Wine and Spirits Competition.

The Mackmyra Distillery is based in the suburb of Gävle, located north of Stockholm, in Söderhamn and was established by eight classmates who had a dream of producing Sweden’s first whisky. The Mackmyra Distillery is known for the exclusive use of raw materials throughout their production of whisky. Barley is harvested from just outside the distillery and is milled and mashed in a special custom made gravitation still. The mash is fermented for three days before it is distilled twice inside a custom made copper pot still. Aging takes place in handmade first-fill American bourbon casks and Swedish oak casks. The casks are then stored in an abandoned mine 50 feet below ground. At the time of its founding in 1999, the Mackmyra de calm was not only the only whisky producer in Sweden but also the only producer so far north in the world. 

Until 2002 the cellar masters had dedicated themselves to the development of premium whisky. After that time the plants were expanded to meet the increasing demand. Thus was launched the real whisky production in the life and lovers know to appreciate a real Swedish whisky since then. 

In summary, the Mackmyra is first edition Swedish single malt is a relatively young single malt whisky.  The superb taste is marked by fruity tones, paired with oak and caramel as well as some crispbread and is not only the perfect representative of Sweden but also the ideal companion for relaxed evenings in front of the fireplace. 
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Product type Whisky
Item Number 17006
EAN 7350029660116
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Country SWEDEN
Volume 0.7 Litre
Colouring Yes
Manufacturer/Importer Mackmyra Svensk Whisky AB Kolonnvägen 2 80267 Gävle/SE Schweden
Condition New