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Grasovka Bison Vodka 1 l

Belvedere Vodka 1 l

Belvedere Vodka 1 l

Grey Goose Vodka 1 l

Grey Goose Vodka 1 l

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Manufacturer GRASOVKA
Country POLAND
Alcoholic strength 40% vol.

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A true original from Poland in Europe. The Grasovka Bison Vodka is a dry herb-flavored premium grain Vodka with extracts of buffalo grass sourced from the National Park in Poland named Bialowieska

Each super-premium Vodka has its own specialty which makes the product particularly like that, whether as the result of a particular filter system or production in an extraordinary region. For Grasovka Bison Vodka the finest buffalo grass from the woods of the National Park of Bialowieza in Poland is used. The tufts of special grass grow on the border between Poland and Belarus and ensure a very special flavoring in this light and sought-after Vodka. The buffalo grass is harvested in the early summer to take advantage of its juicy sap and aroma. The grass is then sun-dried and tied into bunches. The bunches of dried grass are  then washed in pure Polish Vodka several times before one stalk of buffalo grass is added to each bottle. It is not possible to cultivate this unusual grass anywhere else in the world so therefore the singular Grasovka Bison Vodka is an absolutely unique Polish product. The naturally flavored Vodka contains no artificial colorants or additives.

Due to the buffalo grass the all-natural Grasovka Bison Vodka has an incomparably intense and spicy yet delicate flavor. The excellent taste is mildly spicy to convince the Grasovka Bison Vodka. The extracts obtained from the buffalo grass lend Grasovka its spicy and fresh taste with delicate nuances of sweet woodruff and herbs. The distinct Grasovka Bison Vodka gets a light golden hue through the buffalo grass. The unique Vodka should ideally be consumed ice cold and pure to take advantage of the very fine aroma and intense flavor. Some Vodka lovers refine the Grasovka Bison Vodka with a splash of water.

When producing, a grain mixture of rye, triticale and wheat is used. Grasovka Bison Vodka is a true Polish Vodka produced in Poland but is bottled in Germany. The company has also launched the Grasovka Underberg Vodka brand into life and now ranks among the top-selling flavored vodkas in Germany. When filling the Vodka bottle, a stalk of the famous buffalo grass is put into each bottle by hand. The handpicked ingredient makes this product into something very special, a real collector’s item for a Vodka collection and also makes a perfect gift.

With its incredibly intense flavor the medium-bodied Grasovka Bison Vodka is ideal for everyone. Due to the pleasant and subtle flavors of the specialty crafted Grasovka Bison Vodka it is enjoyed mostly pure but is also great as a flavorful cocktail ingredient. One finds Grasovka Bison Vodka in exclusive bars and more than often in the self-designed cocktails like the popular "Ginger bison" or "GRAppleSOVKA".

The award winning Grasovka Bison Vodka can boast with the following international achievements:

  • 2015 IWSC – Gold Medal
  • 2013 IWSC – Gold Medal
  • 2012 & 2013 International ISW – Gold Medal
  • 2012 & 2014 The Vodka Masters / The Spirits Business – Gold Medal
  • 2012 & 2013 WSA – Gold Medal
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Product type Vodka
Item Number 32003
EAN 4004726005031
Dispatch time: 1-2 Working Days
Country POLAND
Volume 1 Litre
Colouring Yes

GRASOVKA importowo-eksportowa GmbH Löwenhof 28844 Weyhe Polen

Condition New