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Belvedere Vodka 1 l

Beluga Noble Russian Vodka 1 l

Beluga Noble Russian Vodka 1 l

Grasovka Bison Vodka 1 l

Grasovka Bison Vodka 1 l

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Manufacturer BELVEDERE
Country POLAND
Alcoholic strength 40% vol.

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Belvedere Vodka has a full-bodied and intense flavor with notes of nuts

600 years of tradition and experience makes the Polish Belvedere Vodka an absolute original “Super Premium Vodka". Belvedere means “beautiful to see” and is named after the Polish presidential palace also shown on the Vodka bottle label.

The Belvedere Vodka convinces with a clean sweet nose with a hint of vanilla which harmonizes with gentle creaminess. Full-bodied and intense flavor varies between a vanilla flavor, sweet and salty, with hints of white pepper and spices, nevertheless the traditional Vodka is very smooth and mild in taste. The finish of the tasty Belvedere Vodka has good length and is extremely multi-faceted with pleasing hints of almonds, cream and a hint of Brazil nut stand out. Most definitely the world’s most delicious Vodka.

Free of all additives and on the basis of the finest Polish Dankowskie Gold Rye, the Belvedere Vodka has an incredible purity. In order to create a perfect balance the Vodka is distilled four times during production and is charcoal filtered as rye has more impurities than grain during the fermentation process. This gives the Belvedere Vodka its exclusive character. Rye Vodkas are considered spicier than grain Vodkas. Every step of production has to take place on Polish soil and also regional ingredients must be used. It is therefore absolutely authentic and never artificial. The highlight is certainly the use of Dankowskie rye and the waters of the distilleries own fountain. All these features provide a great taste experience and once again confirm its status as a luxury Vodka.

Until the 90s the world-famous Belvedere Vodka was more of a regional product from the distillery Polmos Żyrardów. As the Americans Edward Jay Phillips then on his trip to Europe acquired the distribution rights for his country in 1997, he supplied the American market through its Millennium Import Company with Belvedere Vodka. Today the Belvedere distillery continues to produce with great passion and with the strictest regulations in order to make no compromise on quality. Belvedere used rye from the Mazovian levels of Poland and water from its own well to make this luxury Vodka. There are now additions to the Belvedere Vodka range, namely Belvedere Unfiltered and the Varienten Belvedere Intense. Also Vodka with a fruity taste or macerations like Belvedere Citrus, Orange, Pink Grapefruit, Black Raspberry, Lemon Tea, Bloody Mary and Mango Passion are extremely popular. Flavored Vodkas are not charcoal filtered rather they are filtered through cellulose particle filters before bottling.


  • International Spirits Challenge 2013 – Gold medal
  • International Spirits Challenge 2014 – Gold medal
  • The 50 Best Vodka Awards 2013 – Gold Medal
  • The Spirits Business annual "Vodka Masters" in 2009 Silver Medal - Category "Eastern European"
  • The Spirits Business annual "Vodka Masters" in 2010 Gold Medal - new category "softness"
  • The Spirits Business annual "Vodka Masters" 2011 Gold Medal - Category "Eastern Europe" and "softness"
  • The Spirits Business annual "Vodka Masters" 2012 Gold  Medal - Category "Eastern Europe" and "softness"
  • The Spirits Business annual "Vodka Masters" in 2013 Gold  Medal- Category "Eastern Europe", "softness" and "Super Premium"
More Information
Product type Vodka
Item Number 32002
EAN 5901041003362
Dispatch time: 1-2 Working Days
Country POLAND
Volume 1 Litre
Colouring Yes
Manufacturer/Importer Polmos Zyrardow Sp. zo.o. Mickiewicza 1-3 96-300 Zyrardow Polen
Condition New