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Pure Divine Vodka Currant 37,5% 1,0l

Boris Jelzin Vodka Bag in Box 3 Liter 37,5%

Pure Divine Vodka ehemals Boris Jelzin Vodka Bag in Box 37,5% 3,0l

Boris Jelzin Vodka Lemon 1 Liter 37,5%

Pure Divine Vodka Lemon 37,5% 1,0l

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Manufacturer PURE DIVINE
Country FRANCE
Alcoholic strength 37,5% vol.

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Boris Jelzin Vodka Currant impresses with its beautiful flower aroma of blackcurrant

Not only Russia and Poland have internalized the craft of burning first-class Vodka and the fruity Boris Jelzin Vodka Currant from France proves this. Vodka is a distilled spirit made mainly from water and ethanol whose origin is found in Eastern Europe. The name Vodka derives from the Russian word "Voda" or the Polish word "Woda", that means ‘water’.
Like his brothers and sisters, with the delightful flavors of citrus, vanilla and strawberry, the Boris Jelzin Vodka Currant is also a flavored Vodka which harmonizes perfectly with juice and other fabulous drinks. 
Try this smooth Boris Jelzin Vodka Currant with fresh apple juice and a slice of lemon or orange. It is also suitable for mixing other long drinks and cocktails, such as for example, a White Russian with a subtle touch of blackcurrant or mix with lemon lime soda over ice.
Today the easily recognized brand of Boris Jelzin is a popular spirits manufacturer and not only in France.
Throughout Europe and partly even further, the delicious Vodka creations of that brand can be enjoyed at home and in the trendy bars of this world. Bartenders are convinced of Boris Jelzins superior quality. The special clarity and also the flavors resonate in the background and never distort the respective drink in the taste. The Boris Jelzin Vodka is produced with winter wheat and pure natural water in the quadruple distillation process.
The Boris Jelzin Vodka owes its name to the Soviet and Russian politician Boris Jelzin, who was once from 1991 to 1999 the first President of the Russia federation and again allowed for the production of Vodka. Boris Jelzin Vodka has become an international brand that reaches more than 80 countries selling approximately 15 million bottles annually.
This fact was taken to heart by the French company and therefore named their sought-after brand after this extraordinary man. 
The elegant Boris Jelzin Vodka Currant developed a full-bodied sensation with a delicious aroma of blackcurrant. The exclusive use of natural ingredients is also a quality characteristic which the company has imposed on itself. The taste of this quality Vodka proves this fact.

Conclusion of the Boris Jelzin Vodka Currant:

As the name of this Boris Jelzin Vodka Currant suggests, it is a fresh Vodka with the aroma of blackcurrant. Whether mixed with juice or pure on ice, this special Vodka will refresh your senses and convince with its special clarity.
Boris Jelzin Vodka Currant, a French currant-based Vodka mase only from the highest quality ingredients holding its own quite easily with Russian products!
More Information
Product type Flavoured Vodka
Item Number 32037
EAN 3263285154678
Dispatch time: 1-2 Working Days
Country FRANCE
Volume 1 Litre
Colouring No
Contains Sulfites No

GCF 67290 Petersbach Frankreich

Condition New
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