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Pure Divine Vodka ehemals Boris Jelzin Vodka Bag in Box 37,5% 3,0l

Boris Jelzin Vodka 1 Liter 37,5%

Pure Divine Vodka (Boris Jelzin) 37,5% 1,0l

Boris Jelzin Vodka Currant 1 Liter 37,5%

Pure Divine Vodka Currant 37,5% 1,0l

More Information
Manufacturer PURE DIVINE
Country FRANCE
Alcoholic strength 37,5% vol.

€33.99 *
Price per Litre: €11.33/Litre
Incl. VAT
Available Now
Dispatch time: 1-2 Working Days*2

Pure Divine Vodka (Boris Jelzin Vodka) 3 liter bag in box, a delicious and convenient alcoholic foundation for long nights

Hardly any other country is so well known for its native alcohol such as Russia. Vodka has been drunk here in high quantities since the 14th century and is an integral part of the Russian culture. The name Vodka derives from the Russian word "Voda" or the Polish word "Woda", that means ‘water’. This fact underscores again how important this delicious alcohol is in Russia. 
This first-class Pure Divine Vodka (Boris Jelzin Vodka) is produced in France, however we guaranteed that this is not a negative feature.
Without question, the superb taste as well as the modern and attractive outwardly appearance keeps up with its Russian colleagues and is now on top of that also available in a practical Pure Divine Vodka (Boris Jelzin Vodka) 3 liter bag in box. French winter wheat, purified water from the distillery well in the regional nature reserve and quintuple distillation guarantees a powerful, pleasant and pure Vodka.
This Pure Divine Vodka (Boris Jelzin Vodka) bag in box is not only space-saving and easy to transport, it also contains no glass and is thus ideally suited for festivals, camping holidays and other events of any kind. In addition the Pure Divine Vodka (Boris Jelzin Vodka) bag in box significantly easier to handle as opposed to four glass bottles with same amount of content. 
Small Tip: The Vodka bag-in-box is equipped with an integrated tap, which allows you to mix a White Russian or similar cocktails on the fly almost anywhere. 
The Pure Divine Vodka (Boris Jelzin Vodka) is a classic mixing Vodka and is ideal for a wide range of interesting drinks and cocktails. It’s very clear aroma with hints of herbs and citrus never distorts the flavor of other ingredients. Whether mixed with energy drinks, bitter lemon or Cola it always offers the perfect basis of alcohol for a long night. You can also try it as a shot or on ice.
The Pure Divine Vodka (Boris Jelzin Vodka) owes its name to the Soviet and Russian politician Boris Jelzin, who was once from 1991 to 1999 the first President of the Russia federation and again allowed for the production of Vodka. Pure Divine Vodka (Boris Jelzin Vodka) has become an international brand that reaches more than 80 countries selling approximately 15 million bottles annually.
This high end Vodka has proven its superiority by winning a silver medal in 2015 at the International Spirits Challenge.

Conclusion of the Pure Divine Vodka (Boris Jelzin Vodka) 3 liter bag in box

Pure Divine Vodka (Boris Jelzin Vodka) 3 liter bag in box is a convenient, delicious and affordable spirit that is not only ideally suited for transporting, but even avoids all glass waste. 
This Pure Divine Vodka (Boris Jelzin Vodka) feels very smooth in the mouth and refreshes the senses. Furthermore, its taste in drinks is not too dominating so it is perfectly suited to the mixing.
More Information
Product type Vodka
Item Number 32036
EAN 3263280123907
Dispatch time: 1-2 Working Days
Country FRANCE
Volume 3 Litre
Colouring No
Contains Sulfites No

GCF 67290 Petersbach Frankreich

Condition New
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