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Xante Likör aus Schweden 1 Liter 35%

Valhalla by Koskenkorva 1 Liter 35%

Koskenkorva Valhalla Herbal Liqueur 35% 1,0 l

Minttu Black Mint Likör 35,0 % 0,5 l

Minttu Black Mint 0.5 Litre 35%

More Information
Manufacturer XANTE
Country SWEDEN
Alcoholic strength 35% vol.

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Price per Litre: €28.99/Litre
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Xanté is a delectable liqueur from Sweden created with smooth French Cognac laced with an enchanting taste of juicy, sweet pears

The beautiful Sweden has much more to offer than just vodka and aquavit in terms of spirits. Some exquisite liqueurs have been created here in recent years. 

One of these liqueurs which has recently been introduced to the consumer by Maison Heinrich Liquoristerie Artisanale is called Xanté liqueur from Sweden and scores with tempting sweet facets of fresh Flemish juicy pears from the Liege district. 

In Sweden the Xanté liqueur is already considered to be one of the most popular spirits of the country and is mentioned in the same sentence with the famous aquavit. Sweden, and in particular the Swedish ladies, love this delicious liqueur. Four year old Cognac aged in Limousin oak barrels is introduced to juicy pears. This liqueur is unusually low in sugar as the sweetness is derived from the pear rather than from sweeteners.

On opening a bottle of the sought-after Xanté liqueur an aroma of ripe pear and a hint of vanilla beans immediately impresses the sense of smell. The same taste also shows in the mouth in addition to cinnamon and a touch of dry pepper towards the end of the tasting.

This fine Xanté liqueur from Sweden combines French Cognac with fresh pears and vanilla. This premium liqueur is usually drunk pure at room temperature or on the rocks.  Nevertheless, it is also suitable even for the mix of trendy cocktails and refreshing long drinks. In Sweden you occasionally drink the Xanté liqueur in combination with Apple Cider, coffee, or use it to pour over ice balls as a delicious dessert. It is also a delicious addition to a cooking sauce.

This silky textured Xanté liqueur from Sweden is always a very welcome guest and is versatile and guaranteed to impress!

Visually, this seductive liqueur is a super figure. Reminiscent of French cognac, it shines with its brownish red color within the tall stylishly designed bottle. The label inscription reads: the original Xanté liqueur. The modern look makes this liqueur the ideal addition to a bar and also makes a perfect and most welcomed gift.

Just the sight of this liqueur leaves the mouth watering with desire of the tasting. 

Conclusion of Xanté liqueur from Sweden:

In conclusion,  this Xante liqueur from Sweden is defined as a classic, elegant and fruity-fresh liqueur-based French cognac. Its facets of vanilla and pears make it appear sweet and fruity and convey the finishing touches to this liqueur. 

We recommend the pure enjoyment of this delicious Xanté Liqueur from Sweden!

More Information
Product type Liqueur
Item Number 35038
EAN 6412703120185
Dispatch time: 1-2 Working Days
Country SWEDEN
Volume 1 Litre
Colouring Yes
Contains Sulfites No

The Xante Company BOX 7327 103 90 Stockholm Schweden

Condition New