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The Duke Munich Dry Gin 0,7 l

Magellan Blue Gin 1 l

Magellan Blue Gin 1 l

Feel Munich Dry Gin 0,7 l

Feel Munich Dry Gin 0,7 l

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Manufacturer THE DUKE
Alcoholic strength 45% vol.

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The German Duke Gin guarantees a special and unique taste experience by the use of typical Bavarian Botanicals specifically hop blooms and malt

The extraordinary Munich Duke Gin unfolds immediately after opening with an unusual mixture of intensive spicy juniper berry aromas and sweetish summer perfume which pleasantly spoils the sense of smell. A dominant palate of the juniper berry is also present in the taste of the Munich Duke Gin. However this dominance is refined by fine notes such as zesty citrus fruit and by a light spice of lavender. The singular Duke Munich Dry Gin leaves a long lasting taste of the  Botanicals hop and malt.

The Munich Duke Gin  is the result of the idea of the two smart business partners Daniel Schönecker and Maximilian Schauerte. They created a Gin in the middle of Munich Germany. They built up  the Duke Distillery in Schwabing in the heart of the city Munich. The Duke Munich Dry Gin has been manufactured here by hand since 2008 and is carefully distilled in a traditional copper boiler. The  Distillery and the Gin is named after the distinguished former duke „Heinrich the lion “ of  Bavaria who founded the city Munich in 1158.

The fact that the Munich Duke Gin is biocertified makes it so very unique and special. It means that all the Botanicals used to make the Munich Duke Gin  originate from purely natural cultivations and are all pollutant-free. The Botanicals used to create the Munich Duke Gin  among others are: spicy juniper berry, fragrant orange blooms, coriander seed, angelica root, lavender flowers, lemon peels, ginger root, kubeben pepper and the two typically Bavarian Botanicals hop fowers and malt.

Beside the production of the the Munich Duke Gin  in small batches and the affectionate devotion of the two fuel masters, above all using the regional hop flowers and malt ensures the high value of the the Duke Munich Dry Gin. The Botanicals are macerated in an alcohol bath and are then distilled at low temperatures to save the flavour. Double filtration then takes place to ensure purity and clarity. The quality Duke Munich Dry Gin is carefully bottled and labled by hand.

Optically the Gin shows that it is a true Bavarian original. The round glass bottel has a classical cork, and shows a coat of arms in the Bavarian national colours blue and white both at the neck and at the belly of the bottle. This Gin makes a special gift and is the perfect addition to a Ginn collection.

The Munich Gin can be enjoyed both pure and in form of a classical Gin and tonic. When mixing a Gin and tonic we recommend  the use of a Fentimans Tonic as it lends a certain extra to the Gin.

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Product type Gin
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Volume 0.7 Litre
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The Duke Destillerie Daniel Schönecker und Maximilian Schauerte GbR Barer Straße 53 D - 80799 München Deutschland

Condition New