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Russian Standard Vodka 1 l

Grey Goose La Poire Vodka 0,7 l

Grey Goose La Poire Vodka 0,7 l

Absolut Karnival Limited Vodka 1 l

Absolut Karnival Limited Vodka 1 l

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Alcoholic strength 40% vol.

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This is Vodka as it should be, Russian Standard is a real premium Vodka laced with the finest glacier water

The art of making Vodka dates back to the 9th century in Russia, so Russian cellar masters have had over 1000 years of experience in perfecting the craft of making awesome Vodka. The high-quality Russia Standard Vodka is one of the fastest growing spirits brands world-wide. It is the number one Russian Vodka globally, and is the number one premium Vodka in Russia, holding more than a 40% share of the Vodka market, most probably because it is an absolutely pure and soft Vodka made by Russian Standard. This smooth and delicious Vodka has a drop of very pleasant bread note characteristic to it and is exported to over 80 countries.  A combination of the finest Russian winter wheat and extremely clear and soft glacial waters provide a special quality.

The mellow Russian Standard Vodka has an extremely fine aroma which convinces with notes of grain. This is due to the unique ingredient that is grown in the black soil of the Russian Steppes. The winter wheat ensures a very sensual taste experience and develops a slight spiciness in the crystal-clear Vodka. Nevertheless the inspiring Russian Standard Vodka is tasty, very soft and mild. This gentleness goes into a long and soft finish. The reason for this is the fine glacier water which has an absolute purity due to the glacial shifts during the last glaciation. The glacier is located in the north of Russia near the Lake Ladoga which contains very few impurities in its granite basin. This aromatic Vodka is perfectly balanced therefore it is best drunk neat or on ice. The hearty Russian Standard Vodka is also wonderful as an ingredient for favorite long drinks and fresh and fruity cocktails.

The Russian Standard Company with its cutting edge technology was founded in 1992 by Rustam Tariko in Saint Petersburg. In 1998 he was first introduced to the incredible Russian Standard Vodka and by 2006 was the leader in producing super premium Vodka.

The company is inspired by the work of the famous Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev. With his periodic table he brought forth a philosophy of balance and natural order - the perfect balance of water and alcohol. Mendeleyev's philosophy in combination with the passion to brew a premium Vodka shows in each bottle of Russian Standard Vodka being perfectly balanced and lovingly prepared. The natural ingredients are processed through the Russian Standard still – vertical integrated production process - in St. Petersburg, a special distillation process more than 200 times. The distillery is one of the most modern and advanced facilities in the world. This is the only way to achieve the extraordinary purity of the Russian Standard Vodka. That's Vodka as it should be.

Each very attractive and sophisticated looking bottle of the super Russian Standard Vodka comes with a certificate of origin from the Russian government, guaranteeing that the Vodka is 100% Russian and is made in Russia with Russian ingredients.

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