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Nordes Atlantic Galician Gin 0,7 l

Jodhpur Reserve Gin 0,5 l

Jodhpur Reserve Gin 0,5 l

Pink 47 Gin 47% 0,7 l

Pink 47 Gin 47% 0,7 l

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Manufacturer NORDES
Country SPAIN
Alcoholic strength 40% vol.

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Price per Litre: €38.56/Litre
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The Spanish Nordés Atlantic Galician Gin pampers the palate with its flowery and refreshing type A Premium Gin

The smooth Galician Atlantic Nordés Gin initially brings to mind fragrant summer flowers, because the unique Galician Atlantic Nordés Gin has a very fresh and delightfully bright and  floral nose. In particular, the scents of zesty citrus and fresh rosemary come to light.

The taste of the colourful Atlantic Galician Nordés Gin impresses on its first sip and is very light and unbelievably comfortable. Similarly, in tasting the bouquet of the Galician Atlantic Nordés Gin it is also very flowery. Above all, the mouth-watering aromas of citrus fruit is quite apparent. The finish of the Atlantic Galician Nordés Gin is middle to long and dry. Overall, the interesting Galician Atlantic Nordés Gin it is a product that is perfectly suited for enjoying and reveling. Every sip leaves a good impression.

When you think of Spain and alcoholic beverages produced, wine, brandy or sherry immediately come to the mind. Few people associate Spain with Gin, although Spain has produced some excellent Gin in recent years. A good example is the Atlantic Galician Nordés Gin from Spanish distillery Nordés. Nordés is an innovative  small craft distillery that pays attention to detail and tradition as experienced artisans do. Quality is of high importance when making the Nordés Atlantic Galician Gin. The special thing about the crystal clear Atlantic Galician Nordés Gin is that the basic distillate is not derived from wheat or molasses compared to other traditional Gins, but from the juicy locally grown Spanish white grape Albariño. Combined with 14 indigenous Botanicals the Nordés Atlantic Galician Gin thereby acquires a fresh character, which easily distinguishes it from other Gins. Among the 14 botanicals are spicy juniper berry, eucalyptus, tea, zesty lemon peel, seaweed, caralleira grass, quinine, broom, hibiscus, cardamom, liquorice, ginger, vervain, and Fries herb.

The radical Nordés Atlantic Galician Gin is presented in a large stylish bottle and the label has the world map on it. An interesting and inspiring bottle for a Gin collection.

Unlike the superb taste of the intriguing Nordés Atlantic Galician Gin, the appearance of the Atlantic Galician Nordés Gin is cool and smooth. The white bottle with the printed world map exudes an elegant atmosphere, which makes the product extremely attractive for the viewer.

The Nordés Atlantic Galician Gin is suitable both for pure consumption as well as for mixing long drinks such as a Gin and tonic. For mixing a Gin and tonic, it is advisable to use the appropriate tonic water to complement for the Nordés Atlantic Galician Gin and to obtain an optimal taste experience like The Thomas Henry Tonic Water or 28 drinks tonic water. The bold and floral flavour of the Atlantic Galician Nordés Gin is also a great addition in a refreshing summer cocktail.

More Information
Product type Gin
Item Number 31010
EAN 8435449500002
Dispatch time: 1-2 Working Days
Country SPAIN
Volume 0.7 Litre
Colouring Yes
Manufacturer/Importer Atlantic Galician Spirits S.L. Avenida de Lugo 20-F, Bajo 15707 Santiago de Compostela Spanien
Condition New