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Luxardo Limoncello Liqueur 0,7 l

Koskenkorva Salmiakki 0,5 l

Koskenkorva Salmiakki Salty Liquorice PET 30% 0,5 l

Luxardo Maraschino Originale 0,7 l

Luxardo Maraschino Originale 0,7 l

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Manufacturer LUXARDO
Country ITALY
Alcoholic strength 27% vol.

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Luxardo limoncello liqueur - a world-renowned Italian liqueur made from infusing lemon peels in alcohol which refreshes the palate with full-bodied sweetness.

This premium Italian Luxardo Limoncello Liqueur impresses with its fresh sweet smell. 

It promises a summer holiday in Italy on the palate. 

Its aroma is characterized by oval di Sorrento lemons which are known not only for its full-bodied and sweet character but also for its nuances of silky-soft spiciness. 

In the finish the distinctive Luxardo limoncello liqueur presents pleasant, fruity and mild.

In 1821 Girolamo Luxardo, a merchant decided to establish his own distillery and thus became the manufacturer of superb liqueurs and built the Luxardo brand in the port town of Zara which is now in the country Croatia but at the time was part of the republic of Venice. 

Girolamo Luxardos wife Maria spent her time at home making and perfecting liqueur. 

Her liqueurs caught the attention of connoisseurs which motivated the family to found their own distillery. 

In 1905 the family produced special the Luxardo limoncello liqueur which is traditionally drunk after meals in Italy. 

The 2nd world war interfered with the production and the distillery was just about totally destroyed. Luckily for us the facilities were re-built by the 4th generation in Torreglia in the Veneto region off Italy and now enjoys the success that it has worked so hard to achieve.

Currently the company is in the hand of the sixth generation and is run exclusively by family members who also keep the family recipes secret. 

Their first class products include Grappa, Amaretto, and Sambuca. The company also has a successful gourmet division which includes a range of liqueur concentrates for the baking industry and ice-cream manufacturers as well as cherry jam and fruit syrups. 

This golden Luxardo limoncello liqueur is ideal for pure enjoyment on ice or in combination with a fresh Prosecco. 

Cocktail lovers also love this liqueur. The Luxardo limoncello liqueur works particularly well to mix trendy cocktails such as the Italian 'Bananello' due to its harmonious sweetness and the full-bodied flavor of fresh lemons.

  • 1. cl Luxardo limoncello liqueur
  • 1. cl banana liqueur
  • 10 cl. Champagne / sparkling wine
  • 1 slice of the kumquats fruit (lemon if necessary)
  • 2 strong ice cubes

The Luxardo limoncello liqueur not only promises a fresh sweet cocktail but rather a drink reminiscent of sun, beach and ocean! 

The intense yellow colored liqueur is bottled in a long, slim satin finish bottle with a large lemon illustration on the front. 

The bold color and strong lemon perfume are both very attractive and a must have in popular cocktail bars and restaurants. 

Luxardo limoncello - a lemon liqueur which more than deserves its name!


More Information
Product type Liqueur
Item Number 35007
EAN 8000353006386
Dispatch time: 1-2 Working Days
Country ITALY
Volume 0.7 Litre
Colouring Yes

Girolamo Luxardo S.p.A. Via Romana 42 35038 Torreglia (Padova) Italien

Condition New