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Koskenkorva Original Vodka 40% 1,0 l

Koskenkorva Viina Vodka 38,0 % 1,0 l

Koskenkorva Vodka Viina PET 38% 1,0 l

Finlandia Coconut Vodka 37,5 % 1,0 liter

Finlandia Coconut Flavoured Vodka 37,5% 1,0l

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Manufacturer KOSKENKORVA
Alcoholic strength 40% vol.

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Price per Litre: €14.89/Litre
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Koskenkorva Original Vodka conveys not only a round mouth feel but is also a real masterpiece

Details: Koskenkorva Vodka Original 40%

  • A crystal-clear spirit where you can taste the naturalness of Finland
  • Optically the most perfect Vodka in the Koskenkorva brand
  • Enjoy this Vodka cold and pure

Video: Koskenkorva Vodka Original 40%

The Koskenkorva Vodka brand probably belongs to the most traditional Vodka producers in Finland and has convinced us for many years with new creations, individual tastes and optical excellence.

Koskenkorva took over market leadership in Finland; a power which is not surprising one, where you can enjoy a Koskenkorva Vodka. Nevertheless, it must be noted that Vodka is firmly anchored in the Finnish culture and such a performance is truly remarkable.

One of these Finnish premium products answers to the name Koskenkorva Vodka Original and is both flavorful and shines visually with style and class.

Its matte or frosted glass-like bottle is full of elegance. Koskenkorva Original Vodka has a silver clasp which rounds off its appearance completely and a silver label with the inscription of Koskenkorva. This Finnish Vodka will attract the eyes of your friends and relatives.

The Koskenkorva Vodka Original displays its real colors only at the tasting. Already on the opening of the bottle the sense of smell is flattered. A very aromatic fragrance escapes which reminds one of the country and countless coniferous forests and the naturalness.

Once in the mouth the Koskenkorva Vodka Original gives a pleasant and soft feel and also scores high with its round body. Once again its natural origin is confirmed and caresses the palate with straightforward and almost smooth facets. Overall a delicious, clear taste convinces not only Vodka lovers but also starters.

In the finish as well as the approach the Koskenkorva Vodka Original is smooth and round and leaves a light and aromatic aftertaste.

We recommend that you always consume this Koskenkorva Original Vodka pure and cold to enjoy it at its maximum. When serving the Vodka ice cold you will see that the contents of the bottle conveys the appearance of slight blistering in the icebox. This way the Koskenkorva Original Vodka is perfect to be enjoyed.

Of course you can also serve the Vodka with ice cubes and also use this Vodka as the alcoholic basis for trendy cocktails and long drinks.

The Koskenkorva Vodka distillery is as the name implies established in the municipality of Koskenkorva in Finland. The manufacturer proves the close ties to the region and of course Finland itself also works with its brand name. The company is currently in the possession of the international Altia group.

Conclusion of the Koskenkorva Vodka Original:

In conclusion, the Koskenkorva Original Vodka can be define as a crystal-clear spirit where you can taste the naturalness of Finland, and is optically the most perfect Vodka in the Koskenkorva brand.

You should always enjoy this Vodka cold and pure. On top of that we recommend you display this bottle in your own private bar. It is guaranteed to draw attention.

More Information
Product type Vodka
Item Number 32050
EAN 6412700140001
Dispatch time: 1-2 Working Days
Volume 1 Litre
Colouring No

Altia Plc Headquarters Porkkalankatu 22 A P.O.Box 350, FI-00101 Helsinki Finland

Condition New
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