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Havana Club Anejo Blanco Rum 1 l

Havana Club Anejo 3 Anos Rum 1 l

Havana Club Anejo 3 Anos Rum 1 l

Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros Premium Rum 0,7 l

Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros Premium Rum 0,7 l

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Manufacturer HAVANA CLUB
Country CUBA
Alcoholic strength 37,5% vol.

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The splendid Havana Club Añejo Blanco is a crisp white Rum, which thrills the taste buds with a fruity, bright and lively nature

The delightful fresh Havana Club Añejo Blanco Rum is almost unnoticeable sweet and lively and slightly sandy notes of dark chocolate, vanilla and tangy fruit presents itself to the nose. The long balanced palate celebrates with rounded tastes of crisp fresh fruit. Like most Blanco Rums the first class Havana Anejo Blanco Rum is preferably used for mixing tropical cocktails and long drinks. For that reason Havana Club has equally integrated several superb white Rums into its famous range. We recommend the Cuban national cocktail - a classic Mojito where the Rum can revive his character. Rum masters and newcomers will be delighted by this Blanco Rum because it makes the ideal mix for most long drinks. The Havana Club range of Rums is sold throughout 120 countries and sells on average four million cases of Rum annually.

The sought after Havana Club Añejo Blanco Rum comes from the exotic island of Cuba from the well-known town of Havana. The fantastic Cuban climate and ideal geographical conditions of the Caribbean island guarantee an abundant sugar cane harvest for sugar production and Rum production. In 1878 José Arechabala founded the company Havana Club, which has established itself within a generation as an example of a qualitative Rum. Havana Club has made a name for itself worldwide with the younger and older generation even though the Havana Club brand went through many turbulent times with ownership and trademark issues.

Molasses which is thick dark brown and sticky by-product of sugar production serves as the basis in the production of the Havana Club Anejo Blanco Rum. Traditionally the recipe of Havana Club Rum is aging in a natural maturing process, which sets it apart from the typical mass products on the spirits market. During the multi-year maturity stage in white 180 liter oak barrels, the actual transparent Rum discolors slightly to yellowish. On the whole, the period of maturation includes at least 18 months, however it is concluded that the Rum is stored on average for three years in oak barrels.

The popular Havana Club Añejo Blanco Rum is the youngest of the aged Havana Rum range.  To get rid of the discoloration and to soften the flavour the aromatic Havana Club Anejo Blanco Rum is subjected to filtering before the final bottling.

In 2013 the proud Havana Club Añejo Blanco Rum won the silver medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.


  • 2013 - Silver Medal, San Francisco World Spirits Competition

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Item Number 30049
EAN 8501110080804
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Country CUBA
Volume 1 Litre
Colouring Yes
Manufacturer/Importer Pernod Ricard Deutschland GmbH Habsburgerring 2 50674 Köln Deutschland Havana Club International S.A. Calle A no 309e / 13y15 Vedado, Plaza Ciudad la Habana Kuba
Condition New