Whisky production

Whisky Washback

The production of Whisky takes place in several steps. First the grain is malted.

For experts this represents the decisive operation in the production of many Whiskies.

The grain is spread and moistened until it finally sprouts. This starch turns into sugar.

Through the heat the grain must always be redeployed so that the temperature among all classes of grain stays the same.

The germination with heat is stopped after a while. The resulting malt is suitable for storage.

Peated or unpeated Whisky

Whisky peat oven

This is an important step. Drying can be done either by hot air or smoke. The smoke version is called peated Whisky. This smoke flavoring is significant for the taste. This smoke flavor is not found in unpeated malt.

The smoke content is measured in PPM and varies, depending on the region of the Whisky and the distillery. Smoky Whisky has on average about 25 PPM.

The Bruichladdich Octomore Edition 7.1 has an intense 208 PPM and is a treat for real Whisky connoisseurs. The Islay region is known for smoky Whisky.

The grain is ground to meal before mashing. The mash is then mixed with yeast cultures enabling sugar to be transformed into alcohol (fermented). A liquid with a 5 to 8 percent alcohol is produced during the fermentation.

This fluid undergoes its first burn into the raw brand with an about 20% alcohol. In the second firing process the alcohol content rises to around 60-75%.

The distillation process can take place in either a pot still or a column still which is usually made of copper. The "new make" is now ready for cask storage as Whisky does not mature in bottles.

The barrel/cask will change the chemical makeup and taste of the Whisky. The spirit undergoes six important processes that effects the final flavor: extraction, evaporation, oxidation, concentration, filtration and coloration.

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