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Aberlour, where the Speyside whisky is made of the purest water and the best Scottish barley

Aberlour Logo aberlour.com | Aberlour logoThe Aberlour Distillery is named after the Scottish village Charlestown of Aberlour, or just mainly called Aberlour, where it was founded in 1879 by James Fleming. Aberlour means the mouth of the chattering burn in Gaelic and refers to a mountain stream that passes by the distillery and joins the Spey at the nearby town. Stories are told that its magic water has healing powers and that already the Celts used it to produce alcohol and applied the distillate as medicine. Nowadays it is the basis for almost magic whiskies, which are produced at the Aberlour Distillery.

Fleming was known to be a man of action. He had the plan to produce one of the finest single malts in the Speyside region and put a lot of effort in his eager project. In doing so he never lost the bond to his family and community. Building for example a town hall or a cottage hospital was his way to contribute to the welfare of Aberlour.

The Aberlour distillery potstill.org | Aberlour destillery

Owners of Aberlour since the foundation:

  • 1879 founded by James Fleming
  • 1892 R. Thorne & Sons
  • 1898 rebuilding by Charles Chree Doig after a fire destroyed a great part of the plant
  • 1920 W. H. Holt & Sons
  • 1942 James Donald Stewart
  • 1945 S. Campbell & Sons Ltd.
  • 1974 Pernod Ricard

The Aberlour Distillery combines traditional processes with modern technologies. It prides itself with a harmonizing team of experts, who provide several decades of experience. It is the combination of knowledge, nature and ambition that result in excellent Speyside whiskies. In addition to the water of the chattering burn, the Scottish barley is an important ingredient.

The difference to other productions lies in the drying of the sprouting barley. Aberlour is not using any peat to heat the kiln and is thus avoiding strong earthy and smoky flavours. After the double distillation in copper pot stills, the spirit is filled in hand-picked oak casks, where it is left for at least ten years. The double matured whiskies ripen firstly in ex-bourbon cask from the USA and afterwards in Spanish ex-Oloroso sherry butts.

Aberlour whiskies:

    Aberlour 15 Jahre Select Cask Reserve pernodricard.com |
    Aberlour 15 Jahre Select Cask Reserve
  • Aberlour 12 Years Old
    Has a pleasant balance of sweet and spicy nuances, due to the double cask maturing in oak and sherry butts.
  • Aberlour 12 Years Old sherry cask matured
    An exclusive whisky that matures solely in Oloroso sherry butts from southern Spain.
  • Aberlour 15 Years Old
    After maturing 14 years in bourbon and sherry butts, the casks are blended together to ripen after in new sherry casks.
  • Aberlour 16 Years Old
    The combination of a spicy sweetness and warm fruity flavours let this single malt become absolutely delicious.
  • Aberlour 18 Years Old
    A rich Highland whisky of the finest quality.
  • Aberlour A bunadh
    Its name is Gaelic and means the original . This handmade whisky is produced like the very first at the Aberlour Distillery. No modern processes, no new-fangled technology, just well-tried traditions and a stunning result.

That the range of products consists of exceptional great whiskies, can be seen by having a look at the list of won awards. Successes have been celebrated at well-known competitions like the International Spirits Challenge, the Scotch Whisky Masters, the International Wine & Spirit Competition and the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

The Aberlour Distillery has established a high class reputation. Thus, the magic water of the chattering burn is shared with whisky enthusiast all around the world.

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