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The fabulous Dominican Republic is well-known by many globetrotters and adventurers for its paradisiacal beaches and breathtaking nature, but the tropical island has so much more to offer. Apart from exports like sweet bananas, excellent coffee, sugar, decedent cocoa and cigars, the country has specialized in the area of extraordinary Rum production thanks to the tropical climate and its year round heat and humidity that ensures an especially high yield sugar cane production.

The Rum distillate is made from fermented molasses. Molasses is a thick dark and sticky by-product from sugar production.

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The company Oliver & Oliver International Inc. is responsible for the production and bottling of the sought-after Ron Quorhum Rum. The company's beginnings took place in Cuba as a tobacco, cigar and sugar manufacturer in the 19th century. Oliver & Oliver International Inc. was founded by a Spaniard Juanillo Oliver.

Like many other companies Oliver & Oliver International Inc. was originally based in Cuba and fled into exile to the Dominican Republic. Oliver & Oliver International Inc. uses a classic pot still method in which the expectant Rum is distilled under continuous quality controls. The subsequent aging process takes place in traditional Solera method. For this purpose several American oak barrels are serially stacked with the recent distillates in the top barrels. Gradually the distillates are trickled into the bottom barrels to the mature distillates Descendants of the family bestowed a new lease to the company on Dominican soil, from the mid-20th century. The new focus was placed on the production of first class Rum.

Today's brand Ron Quorhum Rum stands for their own production and the spirits are particularly valuable due to their age.

The product range of the excellent Ron Quorhum Rums include:

  • Ron Quorhum 12 year old Rum
    with gentle sweetness, high quality spices and fruity notes that bring you a step closer to a Dominican flair. Can be consumed pure, on ice and as an addition in a favorite long drink or exotic cocktail.
  • Ron Quorhum 15 year old Rum
    is matured for 15 years in the traditional solera method, in which it assumes exotic coconut and sugar cane notes as well as the fantastic aromas of oak barrel. Pure enjoyment is recommended but may also be enjoyed with some ice cubes or favorite mixers and can be accompanied by a special cigar.
  • Ron Quorhum 23 year old Rum
    perfectly combines tangy citrus flavors with creamy caramel and unusual bitter oak. Ideal for pure enjoyment and the perfect partner for a good Dominican cigar. Also ideal in a refreshing long drink and fruity cocktail.
  • Ron Quorhum 30 Aniversario Rum
    is a nicely blended Rum that exudes a bright shiny dark golden color with persuasive sweetness, strong cocoa, coffee and savory oak. Ideal for the mixing of tropical cocktails and favorite long drinks. Prefect for pure pleasure or on ice which may be accompanied by a famous Dominican cigar.
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