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In 1904 the company Hacienda Agricola de Chiclayo was founded in a small village between the ocean and the mountains in northern Peru. The village was formerly known as Chiclayo and also under the name "City of Friendship".

A few committed local farmers then decided to invest in the sugar trade and built a sugar refinery at their own expense and with hard work. Peru is a land of abundance and the warm sunshine forms and raises extraordinary strong and flavorful sugar cane which is eventually appreciated in fine Peruvian Rum.

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Eighteen years later the family of Peruvian landowner Piera de Castillo headed Don Ronaldo the Hacienda, the associated refinery and the sugar plantations bought from the Gutiérrez family. But the work also brought some limitations because of a lack of technical facilities and poorly experienced and unprepared workers.

In all probability and for that reason Don Ronaldo sent his eldest son Augusto to Cambridge University in the United Kingdom in 1933 to study chemical engineering. Five years later a ship took off in London which had Peru written on it as the destination port on the flags. The ship was loaded with a Cylinder Mill plant for the processing of sugar and a Scottish Column-Still-conditioning for the distillation process.

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In 1950 the Peruvian company managed to finally break through under the direction of the now educated and experienced Augusto Piera de Castillo. The Ron Millonario brand saw the light of day for the first time. The Ron Millonario Rums that were available for exquisite prices were and still are a real success. At that time the products were known as "por los Millonarios" because not many locals could find the necessary money to buy the excellent spirits.

In 2004 Fabio Rossi and his brother were finally able to market the indescribable bodied and characterful Rum both nationally and internationally with great success and high dividends. Rossi had studied wine making but started a whisky company in 1950 and then eventually turned his attention to Rum making in 1999. Countless awards underline the high quality Ron Millonario Rums.

Millonario Rums are made from molasses which is a thick sticky brown by-product of sugar production and also uses its own special yeast to slowly begin the fermentation process of the special molasses.

The Ron Millonario Rum company can be proud of the following products:

  • Ron Millonario Solera Reserva Especial Rum 15 Years
    is an aromatic and flavorful Rum of the upper premium class with a fruity aroma and a subtle taste made in the traditional solera method. This special Rum won several awards 2013 - Gold medal, International Spirit Award, 2009 - Gold Medal and "Best of Show Award" International Rum Festival, 2009 - No 1 Rum in the World, 2008 - Gold Medal and "Best of Category" International Rum Festival, and 2008 - No 1 Rum in the World.
  • Ron Millonario XO Reserva Especial Rum
    is bursting externally and internally with a unique extra classy taste and could mature up to 20 years. This fabulous Rum won a prestigious Gold medal in 2013 ISW.
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