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Ron Malteco Logo© | Ron Malteco LogoRon Malteco Rum is produced from molasses, which is produced under the production supervision of the business of Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala from the Licorera Quezalteca distillery. The Licorera Quezalteca distillery is perfectly situated in the mountains in the middle of Guatemala. Guatemala is a Central American country and other than excellent Rum, the economy also relies on exports of products such as bananas, coffee, textiles and sugar. The soil conditions in Guatemala are ideal for cultivating high quality sugercane which is the key ingredient of Rum. The by-product of sugar production is called molasses or cane Virgin Honey. This product is used for the preparation of Ron Malteco Rum. In addition to fairly well known Ron Malteco Rum which has high sales in Europe, there are also other well known Guatemalan Rums such as Ron Zacapa, which also enjoys high prestige worldwide.

Sugercane harvesting© | Sugercane harvestingBoth Rums and many other Rums are produced under the strict supervision of Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala, which has been striving for decades to strengthen the awareness of the national and international success of Central American Spirits.

The sugarcane used for the production of Malteco Rum is grown and harvested in San Andrés. Here the crop is processed for the manufacture of sugar, and the by-product called molasses is retained for the creation of Ron Malteco Rum. Molasses is a thick, black, syrupy by-product of the sugar production process. The black syrup is created by repeatedly boiling sugarcane juice in order to extract sugar crystals. The resulting molasses contains about 25 percent sucrose and 20 percent glucose and fructose. These remaining sugars are then converted into alcohol and distilled into Rum. The molasses is fermented by the Licorera Quezalteca distillery in Quetzaltenang and is then distilled and stored for a period of 10 to 20 years, depending on which Rum is to be prepared. The distillery was founded in 1940 by the Botran family and since then are under excellent control of Industrias de Guatemala Licoreras. At an altitude of 2300 meters and in the climate ranging from 18 to 28 degrees celsius the Ron Malteco Rums are stored in old white oak barrels until they have deployed their full-bodied character permanently. Only after an elaborate inspection and old, traditional quality checks the Rums are released for sale.

Ron Malteco collection
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Ron Malteco Años 15 Reserva Maya Rum embodies sensual sweet vanilla, caramel and coconut notes and boasts with an unusually high alcohol content of 41.5%.

Ron Malteco also produces the very popular golden brown 10-year-old Ron Anejo Suave Malteco that spoils the nose with delightful tones of vanilla, chocolate, wild herbs and fruity raisins. The darker 15-year-old Ron Malteco Años Reserva May and the even darker 20-year-old Ron Malteco Reserva del Fundador, are all exclusively produced from nationally grown and processed products.

The Ron Maltecos Rum collection has the perfect Rum to offer to everyone, whether you are young or whether you are old, whether you are a novice or a whether you are a Rum connoisseur.

The general packaging of the Ron Maltecos Rum collection is also quite appealing with its elegant, stylish and sleek bottles and modern and eye-catching labels.

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