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Ron Legendario Logo© | Ron Legendario LogoThe sunny and tropical country of Cuba is the center of the production of Rum in the Caribbean countries for more than four centuries, and home to the wonderful Ron Legendario Rum. Cuba is not only famous for its Rum alone, but also for the cultivation of tobacco and also for the manufacture of cigars, which are marketed worldwide. The Cuban cigar brand Havana enjoys the same international recognition as the Ron Legendario Rum brand.

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In the 17th century Christopher Columbus introduced sugarcane in the Caribbean. This soon proved to be a successful investment, because the production of first-class Rum quickly began to boom in the fertile area. Caribbean sugarcane is of an extraordinary high quality and particularly sweet, perfect for the production of high quality Rum. The Ron Legendario distillery was established in 1946 in the historic district of Havana Bocoy by Francisco Gerardo Smith.

Francisco Gerardo Smith bought a large historic 15th century property located in the center of the city of Havana and began the production of liqueur with ten other employees and an additional devoted master distiller. In 1947 the Ron Bocoy brand which would later be called Legendario was born. Luiz Angel Alvarez took over the company and it took another decade for him to experiment and eventually perfect the production of the Ron Legendario Elixir de Cuba Rum. Due to the high demand, fine Ron Legendario Rums are now produced in six different factories across Cuba. The Ron Legendario brand is distributed throughout Spain and other EU countries and the brand sales consistently grow by 10% year on year.

Ron Legendario Solera method
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Ron Legendario Rums are pure and mature using the traditional Solera method for making the sought after quality product. A double bottom tank filters the product through silica sand and activated carbon. This Solera maturing process is a gravity fed system which includes the use of American oak barrels in which the products are aged for one to six years depending on the product being made. The brands flagship product is the rich, smooth, sweet and delicate Ron Legendarios Elixir de Cuba Rum. To produce the Ron Legendario Elixir de Cuba Rum, Rums of different ages are skillfully blended together, flavoured with grape syrup, macerated raisins and distilled water for 45 days before being filtered and bottled.

The Ron Legendario Elixir de Cuba Rum is not only great for pure enjoyment, but also provides an excellent foundation for mixing your favorite long drinks and cocktails. The rum is often used for baking, cooking and for making marinade, because of the fullness of its aromas. A non-refill cap adorns the top of the bottle neck, which simultaneously ensures accurate dosing and is designed to prevent refilling of bottles.

The historical Ron Legendario Rums product range includes the following fine Rums:

  • Ron Legendario Blanco
  • Ron Legendario Elixir de Cuba
  • Ron Legendario Dorado 5 years
  • Ron Legendario Añejo 7 years
  • Ron Legendario Gran Reserva 15 years
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