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Ron Centenario logo© | Ron Centenario logoCosta Rica is the country of origin of many world famous Rums. This tropical holiday paradise offers year-round summer, sun, beach and sea. Costa Rica lies between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, connecting North and South America together. The region is home to beautiful beaches and landscapes.

Unique and rare animals habitat this country and approximatley 35% of the land is a nature reserve. The most important export products of the country include: bananas, pineapples, coffee, sugar and just to top it all (Centenario) Rum.

The constant and warm climate is ideal for the cultivation of high quality sugarcane. The tropical temperatures cause very strong saccharification in the sugarcane plants blessing Rum from Costa Rica with their sugary taste. After 15 months the sugarcane is harvested by hand and then processed. The molasses and sugarcane juice are the basic building blocks for Ron Centenario Rums.

Rum fermentation
© | Rum fermentation

The equipment for fermentation and distillation are located on the Pacific coast. For the different varieties, different, traditional distillation methods are used, depending on the vintage of the Rum. The younger Rums are produced by column distillation. For the production of older varieties, the pot still distillation process is used.

After each distillation process all Rum is aged in small American oak bourbon barrels. This gives the Rum its unique character in flavour, taste, and colour. The consistently warm temperatures of Costa Rica creates strong evaporation in the barrels. Thus, the Ron Centenario Rums develop an intense and full-bodied flavour within a few years as well as the unique and smooth sweetness. The Centenario distillery is located amidst huge pineapple and banana plantations, which also contributes to the wonderful sweet fragrance of the Centenario Rums.

Ron Centenario 12 Anos
© | Ron Centenario 12 Anos

The Centenario distillery has perfected the art of blending rums of different vintages. The secret for making the magnificent Ron Centenario‘s is the excellent mixing ratio of the different aged Rums.

Before any bottle goes on sale, every product is thoroughly tested by the cellar master in quality control.

The packaging and bottles of the Ron Centenario Rum collection differ. The younger Rums are bottled in flat, wide and partially frosted glass bottles. The older Rums are bottled in longer, elegant bottles. Each bottle is adorned with a striking golden label indicating the age of the Rum.

Centenario Internacional S.A. is the manufacturer of the irresistibly sweet Ron Centenario Rum collection.

The Centenario series include:

Ron Centenario Conmemorativo 9 Years
© |
Ron Centenario Conmemorativo 9 Years
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  • The 7-year-old Ron Centenario Especial 7 Años
  • The 9-year-old Ron Centenario Conmemorativo 9 Años
  • The 12-year-old Ron Centenario degree Legado 12 Años
  • The 20-year-old Ron Centenario Fundacion 20 Años
  • The 25-year-old Ron Centenario Gran Reserva 12 Años
  • The 30-year-old Ron Centenario Edicion 30 Años.

All Rums are produced differently, are matured for different lengths of time, and are all unique in flavour and taste. However, one cannot disagree with the fact that the older the Rum, the more spicy and flavourful the Rum.

Ron Centenario distillery has the experience to produces solid, well- balanced Rums for all palates and budgets and celebrates the fact that it produces the Costa Rican national drink.

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