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Ron Barcelo logoRon Barcelo LogoThe Dominican Republic is known for its wide range of exotic exports like bananas, coffee, sugar, cocoa, etc. Many world renowned Rums also hail from the Caribbean Islands and enjoy a great reputation. The Caribbean‘s hot and humid climate is the ideal environment to grown sugarcane. Sugarcane is grown to make table sugar and the by-product of the sugar production is called molasses. Molasses is the black syrup produced by repeatedly boiling sugarcane juice to extract the sugar crystals. Ron Barcelo is one of the finest Rums from the Dominican Republic and it is distilled from the molasses of this wonderful sun ripened sugarcane.

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Ron Barcelo Marketing
Julian Barceló, a young Spanish entrepreneur and visionary, successfully founded the Barcelo & Co. distillery in 1930 in the Dominican Republic‘s capital city Santo Domingo. It did not take long for Barcelo‘s brand to become popular with the inhabitants of the island and was soon one of the three most popular and prestigious Rum producers in the Dominican Republic. Barcelo & Co. quickly expanded its product offering and is now proudly exporting the Ron Barcelo brand to more than 50 countries worldwide.

Ron Barcelo distillery started its first real marketing campaign in 1970 and over time the company and brand became more and more popular nationally.

In 1980 the Ron Barcelo Imperial Dominicano Rum was launched. This superior and exclusive Rum helped boost the Caribbean distilleries popularity to one of the most sought after Rum distilleries worldwide. The overwhelming domestic success paved the way for worldwide export, which has continued to expanded steadily since the 1990s.

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Barcelo & Co. 's biggest success is most probably the 97 points (a record score) for Ron Barcelo Imperial Dominicano Rum, which the "Beverage Testing Institute" awarded in 2000.

Nowadays, the Ron Barcelo distillery distributes its products worldwide to over 50 countries and over 375000 cases just to Spain.

Barcelo & Co. has to deal with a large number of orders. The most popular product, the marketed Ron Barcelo Imperial Dominicano Rum is only made in small batches and is supplied according to the motto "first come, first serve".

Ron Barcelo bottling
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The Barcelo & Co. products also include:

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  • A white Ron Barcelo Blanco Rum, reminiscent of coconut, cappuccino, mint and vigorous walnuts.
  • A white Ron Barcelo Gran Platinum Rum, full of citrus, pepper, dried fruit, vanilla and refreshing eucalyptus.
  • A creamy Ron Barcelo Cream Rum liqueur with an exotic fruity aroma, which is decorated with milk and almonds.
  • An amber Ron Barcelo Dorado which convinces with notes of creamy butter, walnuts, fruit cake and wood.
  • A dark brown Ron Barcelo Anejo Rum, with a seductive chocolate note, juicy cherries, pepper and tobacco.
  • A red-brown Ron Barcelo Gran Anejo Rum which convinces with a mix of soft chocolate, vanilla, nuts, aniseed, tobacco and cream.
  • A gold-brown "age" Ron Barcelo Imperial Premium Blend Rum full sweet fruity aromas combined with vanilla and caramel.

Each Ron Barcelo has been awarded with at least one award and
offers an exquisite and excellent taste.

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