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The Atlantico Private Cask Rum is hand crafted to perfection and aged up to 25 years in the Solera method

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Ron Atlanticos origins date back to 2008, the year that two college friends Brandon Lieb and Aleco Azqueta Ron Atlantico founded the company in South Florida.

The Atlantico series includes three well know products: the Ron Atlantico Private Cask, the Atlantico Reserva and the Atlantico Platino.

All three of these Atlantico Rums are made from Dominican, freshly-pressed cane juice and molasses from the Solera method. The Dominican Republic has a long history of growing sugarcane and distilling first class hand crafted Rum.

The bright Atlantico Platino thrills with flavours of vanilla and lemon. It is the product which is further processed to this wonderful Rum from freshly-pressed cane juice and molasses. This Blanco Rum is best enjoyed on ice or in an exotic cocktail.

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The Atlantico Reserva is more dry and bitter in taste than the Atlantico Private Cask, however, the note of fruit is retained. This Atlantico Rum is produced in the Solera method and is a product of Rums from different vintages. The Atlantico Reserva Rums perfection unfolds best in pure and iced consumption.

The Atlantico Private Cask Rum is hand crafted to perfection and convinces consumers with tastes of toffee, caramel, soothing oak , maple and hints of fruit. The Atlantico Private Cask Rum is aged up to 25 years in the Solera method.

This Atlantico Private Cask Rum is well known and became very popular in a very short time and has already received numerous awards as it is widely considered one of the finest and unique dark Rums in the world:

  • Best Rum of all Tried - German Rum Festival 2011
  • Best Rum in its class - German Rum Festival 2011
  • Golden Barrel Awards 2010 - Best Solera Rum World

Atlantico Private Cask handcrafted© | Handcrafted rumOnce the Rums have received their perfect level of maturation, the Rum is removed from the barrel and is hand bottled. The Master Blender personally oversees the bottling and inspects each bottle before it is worthy to be called an Atlantico.

The Atlantico Private Cask is produced by Ron Atlantico itself an is blended by Oliver & Oliver. The Atlantico Private Cask Rum was carefully created to reflect the heritage and craftsmanship of centuries of Rum Masters.

Atlantico Private Cask exudes craftsmanship, from the aging and the blending of the spirit, to the finished product, where each numbered bottle is filled, corked, and initialled by hand.

Enrique Iglesias the world famous singer has partnered with Ron Atlantico since 2011. The singer financially invested in the company and became a shareholder. Iglesias‘ first contact with Ron Atlanticos Rum was made in Miami when a friend presented him with the Rum.

Iglesias was immediately impressed with the Atlantico Rum and a short while later got to know the founder. One thing led to another and Iglesias became the marketing face of Ron Atlanticos.

The fairly tall and squared bottomed Atlantico bottle is quite handsome and the label is elegant. A perfect addition to anyone‘s collection.

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