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 The Ron Abuelo has his heart and place in panama

Ron Abuelo logo© | Ron Abuelo logoVarela Hermanos is the creator and producer of the brand Ron Abuelo Rum and is based in a fertile and lush valley with a tropical climate in Panama. It is also proudly Panamas top Rum Producer.

This Ron Abuelo distillery is currently producing four different highly acclaimed award-winning Rums. Panama is a thriving and growing nation, increasing by approximetly 8% annually. The Ron Abuelo distillery has its headquarters about 15 kilometres away from the Pacific coastal city named Pesé.

Varela Hermanos logo
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This spirit company is the global market leader in Rum sales, and also achieves the highest Rum sales locally. The Ron Abuelo distillery previously distilled and aged the world famous Bacardi Rum brand.

The product sales of the Ron Abuelo distillery are continually skyrocketing and as the demand for the Ron Abuelo Rum increases, so does the production.

The pride and joy of the Ron Abuelo distillery

Currently approximetly one million cases of spirits are being exported worldwide. Hermanos has distilled since 1936 and was immediately recognized for the extraordinary quality of his products and three generations later continue with the same upstanding family traditions. The high inventory number of the prestigious Abuelo series is the pride and joy of the Ron Abuelo distillery.

Ron Abuelo rum maturing in casks
© | Ron Abuelo rum maturing in casks

The Ron Abuelo distillery currently controls 90% of the spirits market share in Panama. The national drink of the country, Seco, is the main product and also the best-selling product of its kind of Seco Hermanos. Seco is traditionally mixed with milk or with a favourite mixer.

A truly single estate production makes the Ron Abuelo so great

Varela Hermanos Distillerie
© | Varela Hermanos distillery

Varela currently employs around 500 employees, all of which are locals from the area. The Ron Abuelo distillery is a "single estate" product, because each step of the production is managed and controlled from one distillery.

The home-grown sugarcane is harvested for the production by hand and is placed for further processing in the distillery.

The sugarcane juice needed for the Rum is removed from the plants, fermented and then distilled. The waste products, which are of no importance for the production, nevertheless contribute their part to the Rum production.

The shredded waste products are burned as waste material, and the heat generated is used for the boiler and the distilleries.

Distinctive complexity derives from unique combinations of the Ron Abuelo

The Ron Abuelo series currently consists of four beverages: Anejo, Abuelo 7 year old , Abuelo 12 year old and Abuelo Centuria, a 30 year aged Rum exclusive class, which was presented at the 100 th anniversary of the family business. The Rums are products of two different distillates, which are carefully blended together. One Rum is a touch stronger, while the second Rum is somewhat milder and softer and particularly fruity. This unique combination ensures the Ron Abuelos distinctive complexity.

Ron Abuelo Anejo 12 Anos
© | Ron Abuelo Anejo 12 Anos 

The Ron Abuelo distillery exports the bulk of its manufactured products. In addition to particularly high exports to Chile and Bolivia and the European spirits market, sales to the United States of America have also steadily increased as discerning establishments are very anxious to have the products of Varela Hermanos from the Ron Abuelo distillery in their range.

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