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Don Papa Logo© | Don Papa logo The Philippines are not well known for the production of Rum. However, inexplicably, because the climate in this Asian region has the best conditions for excellent, high-quality sugarcane production, just like in the Caribbean or in Central and South America, a fantastic pure Pinoy brand was created and just like a dream Don Papa Rum came into the market.

During the mid 19th century, people on the Philippine island of Negros started to cultivate sugarcane.

The island quickly turned out to be 'the' sugar island. The area around the active volcano Mount Kanlaon is very nutritious and perfect for the farming of sugarcane. Wherever there is first-rate sugarcane, there is also world-class Rum.

Don Papa Rum
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Stephen Carroll, founder of The Bleeding Heart Rum Company and the proud creator of Don Papa Rum, and the trading arm for Don Papa Rum was fascinated by the Phillipines on a trip to the island in the early 21st century. He saw the potential of the island and wanted to revive old traditions. In 2011, he founded the Bleeding Heart Rum Company and one year later the Asian Spitzenrum was introduced to the market.

Don Papa Rum© | Don Papa Rum The tradition of Don Papa Rum is closely linked to the history of the Philippines. Dionisio Magbuelas, also called Papa Isio, was a long time foreman on a sugarcane farm. He was to be the man who got the Philippine Revolution rolling (1896 - 1898) and eventually freed the country from years of oppression of the Spanish crown. His proud portrait adorns the label of the bottle. Don Papa was the hero who gave the country its independence with his fighting spirit and his strength.

The character of this stately and commanding hero reflects on the bottle and packaging. The slogan "The Spirit of Don Papa lives in all of us" is an appropriate tribute to the independence fighters, and honor and combine old traditions with today's modernity.

The Don Papa Rum itself is just as special as the history of his country of origin and its namesake. The Bleeding Heart distillery uses only locally grown and harvested sugarcane. Don Papa Rum is a seven-year aged Rum, which means it is quality driven. Most Rums are only aged for 5 years. Rum is made from molasses, a by-product of sugar cane. The molasses is fermented and the liquid is then distilled into Rum. After firing the Rum, it is aged for seven years in American oak barrels at the foot of the active volcano Mount Kanlaon, an area on the Philippine island of Negros. After completing the seven years of aging, the Don Papa Rum is mixed to perfection and filled into the small, impressively designed bulbous bottles. The indicator of good quality alcohol is the bottle and the cork and the Don Papa design is impressive.

Some interesting facts:

  • For each bottle of Don Papa Rum sold, 1 € of the proceeds will be donated to the Philippines to help rebuild the country.
  • Spend some time playing “wheres the animal“ by just looking at the Don Papa Rum packaging. There are 50 hidden animals on the label waiting to be found.
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