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The history of the renowned Angostura distillery dates back to the year 1824. At that time a German doctor named Johann Gottlieb Benjamin Siegert, who served at the time in the Venezuelan Army as the Surgeon-General created a mixture of aromatic herbs and spices which he called "Amargo Aromatico". Later the concoction became known as Angostura bitters.

Johann Gottlieb Benjamin Siegert founded his company in the town of Angostura, which today bears the name of Bolivar City.

In 1876 Benjamin's younger brother and his son took over the management of the company. The seat of Angostura was initially in Venezuela and eventually moved to the Caribbean Island of Trinidad.

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The formulation of the Bitter has not changed a bit since the first vial making a special dent in Caribbean history. In addition to the extraordinary Bitter, Angostura also produces top quality Rum today.

In 1945 the Angostura Company purchased a distillery and started producing its own Rum. The Master Distiller John P. Georges controls the manufacturing process of the delicious Rum in a five-fold column still.

Meanwhile Angostura Holdings Limited is now one of the most successful and most famous Rum and Bitter producer within and outside the Caribbean with more than 165 export markets and has won many world-class awards.

The product range of Angostura Holdings Limited is 100% Trinidadian and is the perfect sipping rum.

The product range of Angostura Holdings Limited rums includes:

Angostura 1919 Rum 0,7 l
Angostura 1919 Rum 0,7 lclick here to buy
  • Angostura Reserva Rum
    a clear molasses based white Rum with delicate vanilla nuances and a particularly soft finish
  • Angostura 5 year old Rum
    molasses based, presents dark chocolate combined with spices, vanilla and smoky oak and a warm, creamy finish
  • Angostura 7 year old Rum
    molasses based, embodies sweet maple flavors and chocolate paired with honey and toffee in a super smooth reverberating finish
  • Angostura 1919 Rum
    heavy molasses based, aged for 8 years in charred American oak bourbon barrels, which forms well-rounded fruity and savory flavors
  • Angostura 1824 Rum
    premium molasses based, is a blend of 12 year old Rum with flavors such as zesty orange, vanilla, baking spices and decadent toffee

In addition, the company also offers the following liquor:

  • White Oak
    white rum, which is currently known as one of the most famous Rum in Trinidad
  • Fernandes Black Label
    gold-shiny and perfectly suitable for mixing with cola
  • Royal Oak
    matured for 5 to 7 years in oak barrels for a rounded, mellow taste
  • Forres Park Puncheon Rum
    this white Rum gets more and more attention due to its triple filtration, which ensures an exceptionally outstanding quality
  • Angostura Single Barrel Reserve
    red and golden Rum, which arises from the blending of light and heavy distillates
  • Caribbean Club Rum Punch
    a typical Caribbean Rum, which incorporates a variety of fruit for a tropical feel
  • Blu Vodka
    an elaborate filtering system makes this Vodka so special
  • Fernandes Cherry Brandy
    local cherries are used for this production, the taste is refined with excellent spices
  • Mokatika Coffee Liqueur
    the interplay of liqueur and Arabica coffee beans create a unique taste experience
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