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Sipsmith Logo | Sipsmith LogoIn 2009 the Sipsmith Distillery was sucessfully founded by Jarad Brown and Sam Galsworthy in a simple garage in Hammersmith West of London, England.

Their aim was to create a dry and spicy traditional hand-crafted Gin. The Sipsmith Distillery is the first copper-pot based distillery that has been started up in Londons city limits in over 200 years.

The Sipsmith Distillery, the Beefeater Gin Distillery, the Thames Distillery, the Sacred Microdistillery and the London Distillery Company are the only remaining licensed distilleries remainig in London.

Sipsmith Distillery | Sipsmith Distillery The Sipsmith Distillery produces the Sipsmith London Dry Gin and the Sipsmith Sloe Gin in the London Distillery as well as the Sipsmith buzzer Cup which is a traditional English drink with a Gin basis. They also produce the Sipsmith Barley Vodka and the Sipsmith Damson Vodka. Jarad Brown an experienced master distiller as well as a drink historian and publisher who has developed spirits world wide, and Sam Galsworthy were able to produce a super smooth high-quality liquor full of character and exploding with flavour. The Vodka products and the Gins are manufactured in a small batch procedure. Here the filling of the liquor is limited to a certain number of bottles and in the case of the Sipsmith Distillery only about 300 bottles are produced per load. The Vodkas and Gins are dialuted to its final bottling strength by Lydwell Spring water from the River Thames.

Sipsmith London Dry Gin | Sipsmith London Dry Gin click here for more details

Exclusive Gin with botanicals from around the world - Sipsmith London Dry Gin

For the production of the Gins particularly copper fuel blisters made in Bavaria are used. The 300 litre capacity copper still is called Prudence and was made over 200 years ago and is quite versitle as she can be used in distilling both Vodka and Gin.

In these fuel blisters the Gin is distilled five times in order to receive an absolutely pure, exclusive and Botanical intensive product. The Sipsmith Distiller motif is a swan in reference to the swan neck pipe on the still as elegant and beautiful as a swan.

In order to set the Gin apart from its exclusivity and also for an international touch, the best Botanicals from the whole world are used like Macedonian juniper berries the most important ingredient of Gin, bitter orange from Seville which give the Gin a tartness and a zesty citrus note, Spanish lemon peel adds brightness and citrus notes to the Gin, Italian orris root which adds the fragrant and floral note to the Gin, Spanish liquorice root which adds bittersweet undertones to the Gin, Belgian angelica root which binds and promotes the harmony of the Botanicals, Madagascan cinnamon bark which adds a sweet spiciness to the Gin, Chinese cassia bark adds sweet and warm spice to the Gin, Spanish ground almond brings spiciness and marzipan notes to the Gin, and Bulgarian coriander seed which adds spiciness, hints of citrus and peppery ginger to the Gin.

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