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Finsbury London Dry Gin Logo© | Finsbury LogoThe English Finsbury distillery is an old and traditional distillery. It was founded in London England in 1740 by Joseph Bishop. Besides Gin the distillery also made other well known drinks like Stoneís Ginger Wine.

Today the Finsbury brand has one of the oldest and the most famous Finsbury Gin ranges and stands for high quality and is affordable.

Finsbury Platinum London Dry Gin
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Finsbury Platinum London Dry Gin
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The Gins from the Finsbury distillery enjoy a high international reputation especially in Australia, Thailand, Chile, Germany, and especially in Denmark thanks to the marketing by Borco since the 1970ís. Borco has been sucessfully marketing over 60 spirit brands. The marketing logo for the Finsbury brand is `originals donít change`.

The Finsbury Gins are made from a 250-year-old traditional recipe from Joseph Bishop which has remained unchanged. In the course of the centuries this recipe was passed on from generation to generation and kept very secret. We know that selected spicy juniper berries, exotic fruit, herbs and coriander seed are used. The natural Botanicals are processed in a single batch procedure dating back to the 18th Century. In this process the secret Botanicals are distilled several times in a 100 year old copper cauldron fondly known as Jenny. This optimally develops the flavours of the Botanicals and thus gives the Gin a unique touch.

London and the Finsbury name are synonymous with one another. Roads, bars, squares, and parks still proudly bear the Finsbury name.

There are currently three different Gins in the ledgendary Finsbury range. The Finsbury London Dry Gin 37.5 % vol. Finsbury London Dry Gin 60 % vol. and Finsbury Platinum Gin.The most famous of them is the Finsbury London Dry Gin which inspires with exotic flavours and a fine spice.

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