Jameson Select Reserve Irish Whiskey 0,7 l

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  • Jameson Irish Whiskey
Alcoholic strength:
40 %

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The Jameson Select Reserve is an especially blended Irish premium whiskey

This triple distilled blended whiskey comes from an Irish village called Cork. There the production facilities of the whiskey brand Jameson have found a home. The Jameson Select Reserve is the result of the brilliant marriage of various whiskeys, which ended in a fantastic character.

On the nose the blend is constituting a quite sweet and exotic impression because of the fruity aromas of apricot, papaya and nectarine. The body is full and smooth. On the palate the taste is constructed of smooth vanilla, sweet cereals, roasted oak and a slightly peppery spiciness. The finish is retaining the fruity diversity as well as the spicy oak and lasts relatively long.

The difference between the Jameson Select Reserve and other Jameson expressions is the varying composition of all components. More precisely the share of the pot still whiskey was raised and the portion of the grain whiskey was lowered. The marriage takes place right before the maturation in charred casks, which were used for the production of American bourbon before. Then the different whiskeys have enough time to reach concinnity and to develop an excellent character.

The Jameson brand has its origin in a distillery that was established by John Jameson in 1780. Back then, its founder was 40 years old and has been living in Dublin for about a decade. In his adopted home town he had the idea of an own whiskey production and ten years after is arriving his dream came true.

Right from the beginning Jameson was concerned about the high quality of his whiskeys. He wanted to create an exceptionally smooth whiskey and chose therefore the triple distillation. Among his employees he had a good reputation because of the better working condition, compared to other companies. Among whiskey enthusiast he had a good reputation because of the fine blended whiskey he produced. Already in the beginning of the 19th century Jameson was one the most famous whiskeys of the world.

In 1966 the John Jameson Distillery merged with Cork Distillers and John Powers. The Irish Distillers Group was created. Another ten years later the production moved from Dublin to a distillery in Cork. The old facilities in Dublin serve now as a whiskey museum.

Tasting Notes

Fruit     Spiciness      
Peat   Sweetness  
Smoke   Finish      

Jameson Select Reserve Irish Whiskey 0,7 l

  • Colouring: yes
  • Irish Premium Whiskey

Old Jameson Distillery
Bow Street
Smithfield Village
Dublin 7/IE

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