Russian Standard Imperia Vodka 40.0% 1,0 l

  • Russian Federation
  • Russian Standard Vodka
Russian Standard
Russian Federation
Alcoholic strength:
40 %

Price per liter: € 26.50/l

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Russian Standard Imperia Vodka convinces with its crystal clear color and its neutral properties

There is hardly another country in the world which is as famous and notorious for its national drink like Russia is. Here Vodka is and has been the most beloved spirit for centuries and since then has had an ever-increasing demand.

This crystal clear and tasteless spirit can also now currently be found as new Vodka creations with a wide variety of flavors such as lemon, grapes, cherries, vanilla beans, and many more. 

Introducing the Russian Standard brand to the consumer in 1998 was perfect timing as the 1990’s were a very good time for Russia’s developing markets. Imperia was successfully launched in 2004.

The Vodka is make with a Russian recipe, with Russian ingredients, and is distilled and bottled in Russia, so the spirit is a proudly 100% Russian product. The finest winter grain is fermented and is then filtered four times through charcoal and then two times through quartz originating in the Ural Mountains. After filtration the spirit is rested for 48 hours and is then bottled. The softest water is sourced from Lake Ladoga right next to the distillery.

This grain-based Russian Standard Imperia Vodka however remains true to the roots of this spirit. Without any addition of fruit or other ingredients, this ultra-smooth Vodka simply shines with its amazing crystal clear color as well as the untouchable genuine Vodka taste. 

These clear characteristics of the premium Russian Standard Imperia Vodka helped it become a welcome guest in the bartender scene. It is the ideal alcoholic base for classic and exotic drinks and cocktails due to its neutral nature. 

How about trying a Moscow Mule? For this take three parts of delicious Russian Standard Imperia Vodka, mixe it with three parts of premium ginger ale and finally add one part of fresh lime juice. The lime can be replaced by Angostura Bitters according to personal preferences. This refreshing cocktail will delight friends and relatives, and on top of that is very quick to prepare.

Russians prefer to drink the amazing Russian Standard Imperia Vodka at room temperature after hearty meals, but with or without ice this Russian Vodka is a true winner.  

The Russian Standard Imperia Vodka secured a silver medal at the 2006 San Francisco Spirits Awards.

Conclusion of the Russian Standard Imperia Vodka:

In conclusion, this Russian Standard Imperia Vodka is the perfect alcoholic addition in trendy cocktails and long drinks. This flavorful spirit presents itself just as its cheaper brother, the Russian Standard Vodka, with neutral, smooth and unique Vodka properties. 

The Imperia is this however even finer, softer and more noble. Particularly delightful on ice or perfect to create excellent drinks. The high quality is very convincing in every sip. 

Russian Standard Imperia Vodka 40.0% 1,0 l

  • Colouring: No
  • Russian Vodka

Russian Standard Vodka LLC
Pulkovskoye Sossee, 46/2
St. Petersburg
196140, Russland

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