Bacardi Grand Melon 1 Litre 32%

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The Bahamas
Alcoholic strength:
32 %

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The Bacardi Grand Melon is a ripe fruity and full flavored refreshing spirit of the Bacardi family business from the Caribbean island of Bermuda

When you open the bottle of the medium bodied Bacardi Grand Melon refreshing fruity aromas of juicy watermelon spread in the air, accompanied by sweet apricot, a hint of elegant vanilla and a slight nuance of wood. The luxurious scent and sweet aromas make you want more. Once the Bacardi Grand Melon touches the palate, the melon aroma, sweet apricots and delicate vanilla intensifies. A pleasant finish will lingers for a long time and the delicious sweet nuances are accompanied by a touch of wood. The unbelievable clear and sweet Bacardi Grand Melon is a fun drink is ideal for the younger consumer and can be drunk pure, on ice and if that's too strong then it can be mixed as a spirit drink in a highball or a fruity Caribbean cocktail. The fresh Bacardi Grand Melon is bottled in a clean, clear, modern bottle with a fresh looking logo and twist top lid. Will look very attractive in a modern spirits collection and bar.

In 1862 Bacardi was founded by the Spaniard Don Facundo Bacardi in Santiago de Cuba. Already back then the family produced excellent quality Rum which was welcomed by the population and had a huge demand. Shortly after the founding of the company Castro came to power and the Bacardi family was forced to leave the country and immigrate to America. It took a while until the organization of the company started off again but then the continuing success story of Bacardi continued. Today the family business has its headquarters in Bermuda and proudly exports to more than 170 countries. Bacardi is one of the most famous and successful Rum producers worldwide with a huge demand and a myriad of products on offer. Bacardi is the largest family-owned company in its sector and can be proud to boast more than 300 awards since the year 1862.

The tasty Bacardi Grand Melon is based on the original Bacardi Rum recipe. The Rum is filtered, diluted to drinking strength and is then mixed with its fruity flavor. The Bacardi Grand Melon has a 32% vol. and is therefore theoretically not in the category of Rum because Rum must have at least a 37.5% by volume. This however has not stopped Rum fans from enjoying the flavored product with its wonderful fruit flavor to the fullest. In the years 2008 and 2009 the Bacardi Grand Melon won the silver medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and was also awarded the Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Awards for the Bacardi Grand Melon:

2010 - Gold Medal, San Francisco World Spirits Competition
2009/2008 - Silver Medal, San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Bacardi Grand Melon 1 Litre 32%

  • Colouring: No
  • Flavoured White Rum

Bacardi GmbH
Hindenburgstraίe 49
22297 Hamburg

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