Dictador XO Perpetual Rum with Gift Box 0.7 Litre 40%

  • Colombia
  • Dictador Rum
Alcoholic strength:
40 %

Price per liter:  99.64/l

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Dictador XO perceptual conveys a holiday feeling of beautiful Colombia Rum with gift box

Colombia has an international reputation for its top class cigars and Rum. This country is located in North West of South America and shines with excellent climatic conditions. Due to the proximity to the equator this country is marked almost 365 days a year by tropical weather properties. This is reflected in the taste of the different Rum creations of the country. 

One of these delicious achievements is called Dictador XO perceptual Rum, who crossed the Atlantic in an elegant gift box and finds its way to European end-users. 

The historical Destileria Colombiana in Cartagena de Indias has existed since 1913 and is responsible for the production of the exquisite Dictador Rums. An ancestor of the founder travelled to Colombia and traded between the former colony and Spain. 

The production of this extra old (XO) Rum is based on the use of the best sugar cane from which it receives the lovely sweetness which can attest to this Dictador. Its various distillates are stored in the strictest selected oak barrels, until their unbeatable character is preserved. Then the cellar masters distillates are circulated for the perfect harmony and the ideal ratio of individual Dictador XO perceptual Rum. Once merged the noble blend is matured again. 

And how does the Dictador XO perceptual Rum But actually taste?

Once in the glass one sees the dark brown color of this fantastic Dictador XO perceptual Rum. A sweet fragrance, defined by dark chocolate, cocoa beans and creamy caramel, rises and meets the sense of smell.

A tasty smell that remains true to itself in the mouth. Here the Dictador XO perceptual Rum presents chocolate and the sweet, creamy caramel is full bodied with a taste of bitter cocoa. This dark rum Dictador XO seems to have set itself high goals. Targets that it could not only reach, but far exceeded.

In the finish, the Dictador XO perceptual Rum scores again with caramel and chocolate, as well as its particular long length. Connoisseurs get the feeling of lying on beaches which are covered by Palm trees, crystal-clear skies and pure sunshine directly in the beautiful Colombia. 

Of course we recommend you enjoy this Rum in pure pleasure. If necessary, on ice with a splash of lime. It would be a waste to mix a Cola Rum however the Dictador XO perceptual is of course more than suitable for this!

Conclusion of the Dictador XO perceptual Rum with gift box: 

In conclusion, this Dictador XO perceptual Rum with gift box is the epitome of a dark Rum with a wide variety. Chocolate, caramel and cocoa meet the senses and bring the beautiful Colombia a little bit closer to you!

Dictador XO Perpetual Rum with Gift Box 0.7 Litre 40%

  • Colouring: Yes

Destileria Colombiana Ltd
Via Mamonal 3-122
Sect. Albornoz
Cartagena de Indias

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