Plantation Rum Barbados Grande Reserve 0,7 l

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Plantation Rum
Alcoholic strength:
40 %

Price per liter: € 24.27/l

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Plantation Rum Grand Reserve is a typical Barbados Rum with fruity, creamy and spicy flavors

Rum is a traditional drink from the Caribbean, Central and South America and is exported in various qualities. The Rum distillate is obtained from either pure sugar cane juice or molasses. Rum from molasses is generally called 'Rum' or "Molasses-Rum".

Rum from sugar cane juice is often referred to as "Rum Agricole". The distillate is stored for maturation in barrels, usually Bourbon barrels made of white American oak.

After opening the bottle aromas of sweet molasses and musty leather that are surrounded by zesty orange peel flee into the room. After a few seconds notes reminiscent of a salty ocean breeze and kelp develop.

In addition sweet caramel and exotic spice are perceived that bring the perfect flavor of the smooth Plantation Rum Barbados Grand Reserve afore. Other delectable flavours also stand out like sweet and fruity flavors including coconut, vanilla and banana, which are also welcomed at the first sip on the palate. The soft but expressive character results in a particularly elegant taste.

Juicy oranges are accompanied by tasty marzipan, roasted nuts and creamy honey. This fine Plantation Rum Barbados Grand Reserve should preferably be consumed neat or on the rocks but is also outstanding in cocktails.

The popular Plantation Rum Barbados Grand Reserve belongs to the cognac manufacturer Cognac Ferrand from France with the Caribbean Barbados its home. An excellent climate and perfect geographical conditions allow a profitable sugar cane production. Sugar cane is one part used for sugar production but it also provides the basis for Rum.

The Caribbean is well known for its numerous production of sought after quality Rum.  We can thank the great discoverer Christopher Columbus for introducing the process of converting sugar by-products into an alcoholic liquid to the locals inhabiting the Caribbean Islands.

Molasses is the by-product and is contacted with yeast to ferment to drive the fermentation process. Thus arises alcohol from the syrup. The company uses a traditional alembic for the distillation process, where a pleasantly soft Rum is produced with versatile flavors.

After the distillation process of the aromatic Plantation Rum Barbados Grand Reserve it is stored to mature for up to 5 years in American oak barrels that previously stored bourbon, sherry or whiskey. The warm climate in the Caribbean causes rapid aging in the barrels compared to other regions.

Subsequently the Plantation Rum Barbados Grand Reserve is shipped to France where it undergoes a renewed maturation stage for several months in French oak casks. During the time in the barrels the Rum forms its color and unique flavor that inspires it Rum lovers.

All the Plantation Rums are bottles in an attractive clear bottle with an easy to read label and basic netting wrapping the bottle.

Plantation Rum Barbados Grande Reserve 0,7 l

  • Colouring: yes
  • Age: at least 5 years
  • Smooth Barbados Rum

Cognac Ferrand
Chβteau de Bonbonnet
24 Chemin Prιs
16130 Ars

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