Optimum Rum Dark 1 l

Optimum Rum
Alcoholic strength:
37,5 %

Price per liter:  9.95/l

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The rich Optimum Rum Dark showcases delicious chocolate flavors combined with cocoa nuances and exotic flavor impacts

Rum is a traditional drink from the Caribbean, Central and South America and is exported in various qualities.  Rum has the optimal climatic conditions in the Caribbean. Due to the tropical climate and fertile earth it matures faster in the Caribbean.

The premium Optimum Rum Dark is a powerful and expressive dark blended Rum. The special aroma and pleasing taste are hints of savory chocolate and delicious cacao in the foreground which mingle with exotic strikes and so skillfully bring a bit of the Caribbean into your living room.

The spirit proved especially tasty in a mixer, in tropical cocktails but also especially good as pure pleasure. Dark Rum is frequently used in a number of cooked dishes too like Rum cakes, Rum balls, fruit cake, sauces and other dessert. The Optimum Rum Dark is really special when it is accompanied with a real cigar.

Besides heavenly beaches and a breathtaking nature, the Caribbean is also known for the production of good Rum. The Rebellion Distillery is the proud producer of the Optimum Rum Dark which is resident in the island nation of Trinidad & Tobago.

The Caribbean Republic of Trinidad and Tobago consists of seven beautiful and luscious islands and can be found off the coast of Venezuela. Through an excellent climate and wonderful geographic conditions a profitable high yield sugar cane cultivation is possible. The Optimum Rum Dark is however bottled by a company in the Netherlands.

The historical distillery was founded way back in 1824, thus the company can now be proud of a more than 200 year successful history. On the European market the Dark, Premium Black Spiced Rum and other versions are available that have given the consumer pleasure for a long time.

We can thank the great discoverer Christopher Columbus for introducing the process of converting sugar by-products into an alcoholic liquid to the locals inhabiting the Caribbean Islands.

The basis for the production of Rum making is sweet, thick, sticky brown sugarcane molasses which is the by-product of table sugar production. Sugarcane juice is boiled and re-boiled until sugar crystals are formed. Molasses makes contact with yeast in order to allow fermentation in order to convert the sugar into alcohol.

This is first fermented, then distilled to the different methods and then bottled for the tires in selected oak barrels. The consistently warm climate in the Caribbean causes comparatively rapid aging in the barrels compared to other regions.

The longer the Rum matures in oak barrels, the more intense its character and the darker the color gets. White Rums are usually bottled directly after distillation, whereas the darker Rums mature in barrels for several years or even decades.

Optimum Rum Dark 1 l

  • Colouring: yes

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