Plantation Barbados 20th Anniversary XO Rum 0,7 l

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  • Plantation Rum
Plantation Rum
Alcoholic strength:
40 %

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The superb amber colored Plantation Barbados XO Rum undergoes a unique double-aging process, once in the Caribbean and then again in France and so gains a woody-fruity-sweet to hearty exotic aroma

Desiccated coconut, dried banana, and juicy sweet vanilla are discovered in the creamy flavor of the spectacular Plantation Barbados Rum XO 20th Anniversary and together they embody the flair of the Caribbean island of Barbados. On the palate the delectable Rum convinces with a soft supple body. The mixed sugar cane and oak wood combines perfectly with exotic overtones and fruity nuances. The complex Plantation Barbados XO is a premium blended Rum and was definitely made to enjoy for pure pleasure. This is one of the smoothest and most versatile Rums you will ever taste and can also be enjoyed in fruity cocktails and long drinks. The finish is quite long with Christmas spices and soft caramel making you long for more.

Barbados in the Caribbean is home to the phenomenal Plantation Barbados Rum XO 20th Anniversary. It is produced by the French company Ferrand who also specializes in the production of Cognac. Locally grown sugar cane is the basis for the premium Rum of the company. The warm Caribbean climate gives this area an extensive cultivation of high yield sugar cane, which is important for both sugar production as well as for Rum production. Molasses or sugar cane juice is further fermented after harvesting and is then ready for the distillation process.

The Plantation Barbados Rum XO 20th Anniversary is a blend of various very old Bajan Barbados Rums produced in a column-still and pot still plants. For the subsequent ripening, the selected quality Rums are first stored up to 13 years in bourbon barrels in the Caribbean before being transferred to small French oak barrels, where previously sherry or cognac were aged. The second two and a half year maturation phase takes place on a property of the manufacturer Ferrand in France - the whole process is then called double-aging. Thus the extraordinary Plantation Barbados Rum XO 20th Anniversary gets a distinctive deep aroma with extra class.

The Plantation Barbados Rum XO 20th Anniversary is as a result of the occasion of the company and brand 20th anniversary - and the quality of the excellent Rum is paying off. In 2011 the Rum won a Gold Medal at the Miami Rum Festival and in 2012 achieved 92 out of 100 points from the Howler blog. In 2015 the Rum received 94 of 100 points from the Beverage Tasting Institute and also won the silver medal at the International Rum Conference in Madrid.


  • 2015 - Silver Medal, International Rum Conference Madrid
  • 94 points, Beverage Tasting Institute
  • 2012 - 92/100 points, Rum Howler Blog
  • 2011 - Gold medal, Miami Rum Festival

Plantation Barbados 20th Anniversary XO Rum 0,7 l

  • Farbstoff: ja
  • Barbados Rum

Cognac Ferrand
Château de Bonbonnet
24 Chemin Prés
16130 Ars

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