Old Monk 12 years Gold Reserve Rum 0,7 l

  • India
  • Old Monk Indian Rum
Old Monk
Alcoholic strength:
42,8 %

Price per liter: € 28.50/l

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The smooth Indian Old Monk Rum 12 year old creates a round aroma with fresh fruit, decadent chocolate, Christmas spices and bourbon vanilla

The first impression in the nose convinces with superb bold flavors. Fruity nuances such as sweet bananas, zesty oranges, sweet dried fruit and decadent figs conquer the sense of smell. Velvety Bourbon vanilla lends an unmistakable character to the dark golden Old Monk 12 year old Rum. On the palate, the refined Rum first presents itself as soft and mild. Over time, the numerous flavors pleasantly unfold in the mouth. They include fruity orange, delicate chocolate and aromatic Christmas cake with vanilla flavor and an appealing slightly dry finish. The Old Monk Rum 12 year old is perfect in pure enjoyment, on ice, and can also be mixed it in a fruity cocktail or a favorite long drink. The Old Monk 12 year old Rum is distilled with molasses for a minimum of 12 years. Molasses is a thick sticky brown by-product produced as a result of sugar production.

India is home to the spicy Old Monk 12 year old Rum. The splendid aged blended Rum is made by Mohan Meakin Limited and is distributed internationally. The company has its headquarters in Ghaziabad in the state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India. Compared to the Caribbean or Latin American countries India is relatively unknown for Rum production. Many people do not know that the sugar cane has its origins in South Asia and actually dates back many centuries meaning that there would have been Rum type beverages around at that time.

In India the deep and appealing Old Monk 12 year old Rum is a real classic. Nowadays the Indian population is drinking less and less Rum and therefore the company Mohan Meakin Limited relies on international sales for its success in e.g. Europe and America. The crisp Old Monk Rum is said to be the 2nd largest selling aged dark Rum in the world. The aromatic flavors of the Old Monk 12 year old Rum develops during the ripening phase in selected oak barrels which lasts up to 12 years. During this stage the dark color, its flavour and full-bodied character is formed. After the aging process of the Old Monk Rum 12 year old the Rum is filled into sturdy glass bottles that are decorated with a golden label on which the name "Old Monk" is emblazoned quite expressively. The company Mohan Meakin Limited which was founded in 1954 relies solely on word of mouth and on existing customers to gain more popularity especially internationally. You will rarely find a billboard or a TV commercial advertising the Old Monk range.

Old Monk 12 years Gold Reserve Rum 0,7 l

  • Colouring: yes
  • Age: 12 years

Randstraίe 1
22525 Hamburg

Mohan Meakin Limited
17, Mohan Nagar, Mohan Nagar
Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201007

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