Ron Pampero Aniversario Reserva Exclusiva 0,7 l

  • Venezuela
  • Pampero Rum
Alcoholic strength:
40 %

Price per liter: € 31.13/l

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The fine blended Ron Pampero Aniversario Reserva Exclusiva Rum matures for a complex aroma in the warm and humid altitudes of Venezuela. The blend is made up of superb four to six year old Rums matured in whiskey and bourbon oak barrels which ensure the rich and smooth flavour

A perfect balance of delightful sweetness and spice blend charmingly in the nose. There are soft caramel perceptions with a touch of soft honey, some coco and coffee, a bit of exotic fruit, floral notes and slightly spicy overtones.

On the palate, the smooth and slick dark Ron Pampero Aniversario Reserva Exclusiva is presented with zesty citrus aromas accompanied by sophisticated vanilla, nut, coco, coffee, caramel, tobacco and a pleasant liquorice note. The luminescent mahogany and bronze Ron Pampero Aniversario Reserva Exclusiva Rum has a flattering buttery and lingering finish of great depth and an extra classic quality. This pleasant and bold Rum is best enjoyed in pure pleasure for sipping and also impresses on the rocks. The complex and approachable Ron Pampero Aniversario Reserva Exclusiva is bottled in a squat short old world little bottle and is beautifully presented in a leather pouch. A perfect addition to any Rum collection and the ideal gift.

Venezuela is the homeland of the warm Ron Pampero Rums. In recent years the South American country has managed to vigorously enforce against competition from the Caribbean. Now the land no longer belongs only to the export of oil giants and other minerals, but also to international Rum exports. Ron Pampero belongs to the bestsellers of the British liquor company Diageo. The special storage process of the Venezuelan Rums at unusual heights contribute to the enhanced flavors and flavor formation. Alejandro Hernandez launched the Company distillery SA Industrias Pampero in 1938 and was initially responsible for the production of the classic Ron Pampero Aniversario Reserva Exclusiva. The company has sold 95% of its shares to the company United Distillers, whose products are distributed worldwide by Diageo. The manufacturer of Rum in the country is considered as a market leader and has brought by its enormous sales a boost to the Venezuelan economy.

Stormy southwest winds find their way from Argentina to Venezuela and dominate the cultivation of sugarcane. Molasses, a thick sticky brown substance which is the by-product in sugar production is used for the production of Ron Pampero Rum. Constant quality checks of the meticulous distillation process is conducted. On-going hot temperatures contribute to rapid aging of the distillate, in this case 12 years in oak barrels. After a short time the full-bodied multi award winning Ron Pampero Rums can be packaged for distribution.


  • 2015 - Silver Medal, International Rum Conference Madrid
  • 2013 - Silver Medal, International Spirits Competition
  • 90/100 points, Rum Howler Blog
  • 2007 - World's Best Rum, San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Ron Pampero Aniversario Reserva Exclusiva 0,7 l

  • Colouring: yes
  • Age: 12 years

Diageo Deutschland GmbH
Reeperbahn 1
20359 Hamburg

Destilerνas Unidas S.A.
Carretera Barquisimeto - Acarigua,
Km 44 Planta Industrial
Sector La Miel, Edo. Lara.
Venezuela. CP 3015.

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