Mount Gay Black Barrel Barbados Rum 1 l

  • Barbados
  • Mount Gay Rum
Mount Gay
Alcoholic strength:
43 %

Price per liter: € 31.89/l

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The dark copper gold Mount Gay Rum 1703 Black Barrel captivates with sweet caramel and vanilla notes, mild spices and toasted nuances

The nose of the innovative Mount Gay Rum 1703 Black Barrel is bright and exudes an aromatic scent of sweet vanilla, roasted nuts, bitter wood, sweet spices and even a slightly salty sea breeze. On the palate you will find smoky oak, creamy caramel, roasted almonds and precious vanilla. The signature taste of Bananas and dried fruit make additional background noticeable and remain even after the long finish for a while. The general impression of the grandiose Mount Gay Rum 1703 Black Barrel lets some connoisseurs even think about the quality of high-quality whiskey. In exotic cocktails and favorite long drinks the warm and rich Rum tastes delicious, but you should not miss a pure tasting.

Barbados is the home country of the Mount Gay Rum 1703 Black Barrel. According to stories the Caribbean Rum was first enjoyed in Barbados and gradually paved the way to the neighboring islands. The house Mount Gay is one of the few remaining Rum distilleries in Barbados because many distilleries were forced to close on the island over time. Rumor has it that the Mount Gay Rum distillery is even the oldest in the world with over 300 year’s worth of knowledge and experience. At the beginning of 2012 the Mount Gay Rum 1703 Black Barrel successfully found its way from the United States to the European spirits market.

The distinctive and bold Mount Gay Rum 1703 Black Barrel is the product of simple distilled column still Rum and double-distilled pot still Rum, which are carefully prepared by the master blender Allen Smith. After the burning process the Mount Gay Rum 1703 Black Barrel is rested and matured in burnt-bourbon casks. The distillery focuses on maturing the Rum rather than ageing the Rum. Here the medium bodied Rum unfolds its perfect character and its unique taste. Overall, the blended small batch Rum consists of 44 different, continuously audited distillates. Blending is a true craft and takes skill and intuition. It is precisely this composition makes the hand crafted Mount Gay Rum 1703 Black Barrel so special and sets it apart from the other Caribbean products. The water used in the production is triple filtered even though the island of Barbados is made of porous limestone which acts as a natural filter anyway resulting in pure water.

The packaging of the molasses based Mount Gay Rum 1703 Black Barrel is quite unique. The tall long necked bottle has a closure made of cork with a wood top and the label looks like a stamp. Each bottle has its own unique code. An interesting addition to a Rum collection.

Mount Gay Black Barrel Barbados Rum 1 l

  • Colouring: yes
  • Barbados Rum

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Mount Gay Distilleries Ltd.
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