Patron XO Cafe Liqueur 0.7 Litre 35%

  • Mexico
  • The Patron Spirits Company
Alcoholic strength:
35 %

Price per liter: € 31.41/l

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Patron XO Cafe Liqueur boasts with the finest coffee taste, refined with fresh agave

There are high-class liqueurs in almost all tastes. In addition to vanilla, caramel, chocolate and also some fruit liqueurs are flooding the market and convince with sounds of strawberries, peaches, apples and many other flavors. 

This Patron XO Cafe Liqueur is definitely one of these many liqueurs. Its spectrum includes finest premium silver tequila from the brand Patron from the state of Jalisco in Mexico, refined by aromatic Arabica coffee of extravaganza.  The hand-made Patron silver tequila is made in small batches. The history of Patron tequila goes back to 1989 when the master distiller Francisco Alcaraz founded the Patron Spirits Company with the mission to develop the world's top premium tequila. The use of 100% blue agave makes the Patron silver tequila an unparalleled and unique product. The 7 year maturation period ensures an optimal sugar content.

When you open the very stylish bottle with frosted glass and cork seal, a delicious fragrance escapes, dominated by the attractive aromas of freshly boiled coffee in conjunction with sounds of vanilla beans and the finest milk chocolate. 

The aroma is followed by the tasting. This noble Patron XO Cafe liqueur presents itself to you heart with its easy fruity facets that lie like a silk scarf over the palate. Of course the exquisite sounds of Mexican coffee dominate, perfected by premium tequila. It can be confirmed that probably no other country has taken the craft of the tequila distillation quite so seriously like the beautiful Mexico.

The finish of the dark and delicious Patrón XO Cafe liqueur is smooth, slightly sweet and mild with pleasant dry notes. They blend perfectly with the strong tequila and coffee taste.

The Mexican Arabica coffee beans, the special taste of Patron tequila and the sweet sounds of vanilla and chocolate help this Patron XO Cafe liqueur attain its special class. 

The versatile Patrón XO Cafe liqueurs mild and dry tones allow it to be served at room temperature or on ice, and is a perfect alcoholic basis for hot coffee, Martinis and cocktails. Pour over ice cream or add to your favorite dessert. Bartenders from all over the world love this extraordinary liqueur. 

Its deep dark brown color is also responsible for its elegant look and gets the mouth watering in anticipation of the tasting. 

Conclusion of the Patron XO Cafe liqueur:

In conclusion this ultra-premium Patron XO Cafe Liqueur from Mexico is the perfect accompaniment to coffee and cake in the afternoon, as well as a relaxing stimulant in the evening. The ideal gift for coffee and tequila lovers. The Patrón XO Cafe liqueur is guaranteed the right choice.

Patron XO Cafe Liqueur 0.7 Litre 35%

  • Colouring: Yes
  • Tequila Liqueur

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