Mozart White Chocolate Vanilla Cream Liqueur 15.0% 0,7 l

  • Austria
  • Mozart Liqueur
Mozart Distillerie
Alcoholic strength:
15 %

Price per liter: € 19.99/l

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Mozart White Chocolate Vanilla Cream Liqueur boasts white chocolate in composition with caramel, vanilla and fresh cream

The inscription Mozart Chocolate Liqueur is regarded not only as a quality characteristic; rather it is always the epitome of a premium liqueur of the highest class. 

In this case it is the special Mozart White Chocolate Vanilla Cream Liqueur, which completely impresses not only with its white chocolate, but already scores with its sophisticated optical appearance.

The noble designed bottle is covered by an illustrated matt white sleeve with a gold label. The beautiful sleeve of the low alcohol and low fat Mozart White Chocolate Vanilla Cream liqueur firmly places it in the highest league of the liqueurs.  In addition the face of the famous Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart adorns the indulgent Austrian Mozart White Chocolate Vanilla Cream. This creamy liqueur will convince the senses with its really uniquely good taste.

The delicious Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar lies down like a fine silk cloth on the tongue.  Creamy caramel joins the tasty symphony as well as the fruity overtone of premium white chocolate. This rather feminine choice of ingredients sparks a tender melting taste: elegant, soft as silk and seductively beautiful. These signals are typical for all of the Mozart liqueurs.

The Mozart Distillery uses only the highest quality 100% natural ingredients. The so-called queen of spices namely saffron is the most expensive spice in the world. Added to this is Madagascan grown Bourbon vanilla beans, making this liqueur a true winner. Beet sugar distillate and granulated sugar add to the perfect long-life product.

The Mozart distillery leaves nothing to chance. The have developed the know-how and the right sensitivity to create a premium liquor, and of course only use the best ingredients available. 

This special liqueur does not disappoint and makes an excellent gift and is a must have in all upmarket bars. Mozart White Chocolate Vanilla Cream liqueur won a silver medal in 2013 at the International Wine & Spirits Competition.

Conclusion of the Mozart white chocolate vanilla cream liqueur:

In conclusion, the seductive Mozart White Chocolate Vanilla Cream Liqueur can be described as a premium liqueur with the characteristics of a Mozart Symphony. Silken, seductive and lastingly beautiful. 

We recommend the tasting of this Mozart white chocolate vanilla cream liqueur as a sipper, chilled without ice cubes. Especially tasty for coffee and cake in the afternoon, or as a delicious companion for cozy evenings, this spirit is the perfect choice!

Mozart White Chocolate Vanilla Cream Liqueur 15.0% 0,7 l

  • Colouring: Yes

Mozart Distillerie
Ziegeleistraße 29A
5020 Salzburg

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