Irish Mist Honey Whiskey Liqueur 0,7 l

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Irish Mist
Alcoholic strength:
35 %

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The Irish Mist is based on a 1000 years old recipe and has the best flavours from Irish whiskey, natural herbs and honey

The first whiskey liqueur from Ireland was launched by Tullamore Dew. It was in 1947 when the commercial production of the Irish Mist started. But it is said that its ancient recipe is known for more than 1000 years. The smell is less sweet than one could expect from a liqueur. It shows flavoursome aromas of mild Irish whiskey, a little vanilla as well as some honey and is very dulcet, smooth and a bit flowery on the nose. On the palate this dram is presenting itself very well-balanced. It has the perfect mix of the mellow Irish whiskey, just the right amount of oak, spices, herbage and sweet honey flavours as well as some fruits. Further towards the end, its character is becoming more liqueur-like. The sweetness turns up a bit and nuances of fruits and spices lead to a perfect balance.

The Irish Mist Honey Whiskey Liqueur is based on a more than 1000 years old recipe for heather wine. Heather wine is a spirit that is made of herbs, spices and honey. It was during the 1940s, when Desmond E. Williams was searching for an alternative product to his typical whiskey production and he discovered that this liqueur would fit perfectly fine into his whiskey range. Thus, he was the first to produce such an Irish whiskey liqueur by blending the Tullamore whiskey with aromatic spices and honey.

The Irish Mist has its origin at the Tullamore Dew Distillery, a company in the small town Tullamore. Its history started in 1829, with the production of an original Irish whiskey. Later Daniel E. Williams became owner of the distillery and added his initials to the company’s name. It was his grandson Desmond E. Williams who had the innovative mind of his grandfather and led the company to an international success. The Irish Mist was one of his great ideas.

  • International Wine & Spirit Competition 2014
    Silver in the category Irish Whiskey - Blended
  • World Spirit Championships San Francisco 2008
    Double Gold Medal

Irish Mist Honey Whiskey Liqueur 0,7 l

  • Colouring: yes
  • Whiskey Liqueur

Irish Mist Liqueur Company Ltd.
Clonmel Tipperary

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