Cadenhead's old Raj Dry Gin 55% 0.7 l

  • Scotland
  • Cadenhead´s
Alcoholic strength:
55 %

Price per liter: € 32.84/l

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Cadenhead's old Raj Dry Gin boasts the wonderful taste of saffron and sounds of ground almonds

Nessi, the Loch Ness monster, as well as premium Whisky attracts thousands of tourists in the popular Scotland every year. People are fascinated by the unique climate and the breathtaking landscape.

Meanwhile Scotland has created a third pillar. This is the devoted craft of making first class Gin. The know-how has steadily improved and today it can present some delicious Gin variations.

One of the creations is called Cadenhead's old Raj Dry Gin which is a premium spirit produced and bottled by William Cadenhead Ltd. and  has already won the bronze medal at the international spirits challenge in 2009. The distillery was founded in 1842 and is still Scotland’s oldest independent distilleries. Cadenhead was not an experienced vintner, rather he was known for his poetry. In 1972 the business was sold to J & A Mitchell & Company Ltd who are also the proprietors of Springbok distillery and pride themselves in maintaining the same traditional production methods used in 1842. They also produce other popular spirits like whisky and rum.

On the perfumed nose of the gourmet Cadenhead's old Raj Dry Gin unique tones of gentle saffron are discovered as well as several other exciting flavors, defined by spicy Juniper berry, angelica root, Cassia bark and zesty lemon peel. Add a coat of ground almonds to avoid the acid as well as joining the beautiful bouquet. Saffron originates from the crocus flower which is a rare and expensive spice.

On arriving on the palate the distinctive taste of saffron shows again without being really intrusive. Also, a light, alcoholic sharpness resonates refined by floral sounds. The full bodied Gin has a pleasing smooth and dry finish.
You can enjoy the pale yellow colored Cadenheads old Raj Dry Gin pure without further ado. Nevertheless we can also recommend this versatile Gin with ice cubes and a fever tree tonic water and enjoy a classic Gin and tonic. It’s traditional and yet fresh flavors go well with the slightly bitter taste of this tonic water.

The extraordinary Cadenhead's Dry Gin is available with different levels of alcohol content. This slightly stronger old Raj Gin with a vigorous intensity is evident and is especially appealing to fans of sharpness and spice. This exceptional Gin should be on the top shelf of every bar. As with all Dry Gins, Cadenhead’s has no sweeting substance added to it.

Conclusion of the Cadenhead's old Raj Dry Gin: 

The distinctive Cadenhead's old Raj Dry Gin conveys a strong, intense flavor of spices, defined by Juniper berry, angelica root, as well as various other delicious ingredients. The unique shade of saffron makes this Cadenheads quite easy to recognize.

Cadenheads old Raj Dry Gin, a superb Gin for connoisseurs as well as fans of sharp and spicy aspects.

Cadenhead's old Raj Dry Gin 55% 0.7 l

  • Colouring: no
  • Scottish Gin

William Cadenhead Ltd.
9 Bolgam St
Argyll PA28 6HZ

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